Friday, January 30, 2009

Sometimes Words Fail Me.

Last Wednesday we went to Ft. Myers Beach to meet up with Michigan friends who were staying for a week there at The Outrigger Beach Resort.

Ft. Myers Beach is a long thin island lying off the West coast of Florida, a few miles from the city of Ft. Myers.  Further out into the Gulf of Mexico lies the much more exclusive Sanibel Island - I only mention that so that people who have heard of Sanibel will now know where it is too !

My posts can be educational you know.

Anyhoo, as we were driving along the main island road, Estero Blvd, I was taking photos out the truck window as it was a photographers dream location : the palm trees, the blue sky, the glimpses of white sandy beach and of course tantalising views of the gulf waters.  The start of the road was typical of US 'seaside' resorts with hundreds of touristy stores side by side - all very colourful and gawdy but still wonderful in such a setting.

I've dozens of photos to post (sorry !!) but for now, I thought I'd set the scene by posting a photo of a store window. Now even ignoring the top line with its unnecessary addition of 'one of a kind' coming after 'unique', you may pick up on the VERY unusual, if not totally unbelievable, item they claim to have in stock.

And not just one of them............plural versions !!  Not sure how THEY can be classed as 'one of a kind' but that's just me splitting hairs, or flippers or something.

I only wish we'd had time to pop in for what would have been a definite blog photo winner in any competition. I feel compelled to email the BBC as I'm sure either or both of the Attenboroughs would be on a plane to the area before you could say 'Jurassic Waterworld.'

Of course the store might just have been selling DVDs of the 1990 Cher movie !


Jennyta said...

Hmm, maybe Mermaids is obscure American slang for something - so obscure that no-one knows what it is. :)What a shame you were not able to go in.

Katherine said...

Bets you drove past. I expect you'd have been disappointed. Advertisers always exaggerate. Combining the 'mermaids' with 'Home decor', 'gifts' 'signs', 'art' and 'nautical antique', I fear you would find a poorly painted plaster model of a single very old, wrinkly mermaid, with thin grey hair and with a loop from the top of her head to hang her on the wall.
Think what more pleasure you can get from your imagination.

PS I hope your cold is better?

Katherine said...

Bets = best, of course.

Daphne said...

Is it just me, or does Sanibel sound like a brand of toilet cleaner? "Make your U-bend sparkle with Sanibel!" A shame you couldn't buy a mermaid as you have a choice of two swimming pools for her to live in.

Ana said...

How can I not love your page? It's very informative, it's entertaining, it's full of life. and I like how you share pictures. I will certainly come back here. There is so much to learn from you. Keep sharing!

Jay said...

Mermaids! They sound very demanding to me, I wouldn't want one. And all they do is sit on rocks combing their hair or deciding they want to be mortal and causing all kinds of trouble. Probably best you didn't go in. LOL!

I've heard of Sanibel! One of my friends has been there on holiday several times - she says it's amazing for finding sea shells.

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