Thursday, July 31, 2008

Just How Clever Is A Muslim Man ?

Two BBC headlines caught my attention today and I've decided that they go together.

The first one was the result of a study into how being single in middle age can double your chances of suffering from Alzheimers in later life. At least I think it was.

It's bad enough that I'm a social pariah and never get invited to couples parties. I take up 3 seats wherever I go as the ones on each side of a single person are always left free. I have to pay a single supplement for my hotel room or cruise ship cabin. I have to buy my own clothes and fix my own meals. I have no one to blame for wearing black socks and sandals on the beach.

So now I'm told I can expect to start going downhill mentally just because I'm not married or have a partner. Wonderful. I'll put my chess set on eBay tomorrow and if you see me out and about with no pants on, be kind.

The other headline reported that a Saudi man had been accused of having six wives at the same time. Greedy bastard.

Actually he claimed he'd divorced two of them and this left four, which is allowed under Islamic law. Still a greedy bastard.

So if we combine both these headlines and make the big assumption that all Muslims take advantage of this law, then they MUST be a brainy lot right into old age !

But wait. Four wives ?

Four mothers-in-law ! Eight potential back seat drivers nagging you on every trip ! I don't care if you ARE on a camel, it's still a frightening thought. I'd be praying for a spot of memory loss.

No, I'd rather be single and I'll take my chances with 'the alzheimers'.

However, if any single women out there would like to help me decrease those chances, please feel free to drop me a comment. But be quick about it as I'm already starting to forget what to do !!


Daphne said...

Hello, it's Daphne, I write a blog (in case you've forgotten who I am). I don't believe this research as every single one of the men I've been married to (oh, okay, just Stephen) has used me as a kind of memory bank to remember things for him, as he'll be the first to admit. Surely single men must have better memories as they haven't got wives to remember things for them? - - Just in case I'm wrong, this comment is from DAPHNE.

Anonymous said...

Eldy wants to know where to buy the four or five seater camel?

Bun said...

I liked your vid, and glad to see you found vimeo useful also. Hen (who comments on my blog) had recommended the site and it's certainly better than youtube (the only other one I'm used to) which is dire (quality wise).

Was nice to see Daphne at last, too, seeing as I've known her through her blog for what seems like quite some time now.

Bun said...

Oops, my above comment was for the other thread, on video. No worries.

Debby said...

Hmmmmm sometimes people need backseat drivers.

Jennyta said...

Well, if I am allowed four husbands, I will audition you for the job of number 2, Ian! How's that for being helpful??

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