Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Canal Trip - The Slightly Improved Movie !!

I put an edited video of our canal boat trip up onto blogger yesterday and, lets face it, it was a bit pathetic. Size wise I mean !!

But thanks to reading Bun's blog, I found out about Vimeo and have used that site to upload the video again. So if you haven't seen the video yet, go to the next post down and have a look.

If you HAVE seen it already, oh go on and look at it again ! It's BIGGER and that always has to be good !!

Yes ?

Well no actually. Try as I might, I can't get the aspect ratio right and although it should be widescreen, it's not quite. So everyone and everything, including me, looks a bit squished up - although in my case, this is a definite improvement !!

Another plus point, maybe, is that you can watch the video full screen by clicking on the little icon to the left of the word vimeo - the icon shows 4 tiny arrows going off to the 4 corners. It'll all become clear when you look at the video.

Of course going fullscreen WILL make for a very grainy video so you may not like that unless you watch it from about half a mile away. But it's an option.

If anyone out there can tell me how to get the video to display in true widescreen, I'd be very pleased to get a comment from you. Right now, it's up there as 480 x 270 which should give the widescreen aspect of 16:9. But clearly it's not.

Anyway, I think it's still better than the original blogger video from yesterday so I'll leave it there.



Daphne said...

Yesterday's version was lovely but this one is even better - it's a joy and looks great (and not grainy) on the full-screen. Beautiful! Thank you.

Jennyta said...

Ian, it's great, so stop beating yourself up and chill...!

Katherine said...

Ah, you have skype... Me too :-)

Katherine said...

Aw... first time I have ever syped someone, I rake up my courage...and you switch me off :-(
Sob sob.

Silverback said...


1) Your Skype call was rather unexpected as I thought I was set up to only get calls from people on my contact list.

2) I'd no idea who you were as the id was new to me.

3) I did accept the call initially but although I kept saying 'hello' you never answered.

4) To call at 1am wasn't really the best time to introduce yourself !

Another time maybe.

Katherine said...

I'm sorry. You're right, it was a mad impulse and must have been totally unexpected. Especially at that time of night. I just wanted to say in person how much I enjoyed your super movie. I just clicked on your "Give me a call" Skype status thingy on your blog....but I had no idea how to make the thing talk anyway! Apologies all 'round.

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