Saturday, August 02, 2008

Animal Cruelty ?

I like a funny news story to cheer me up on a morning and this one did it for me today.

The overall BBC article wasn't supposed to be funny, not at all. It was about the findings of a survey into prescriptions and medication in England as it seems one in five of us take our medicine wrongly.

Obviously most of the befuddled patients are oldies - like the people who take their sleeping pills in the morning. No wonder they never answer the door until mid afternoon !

But the corker was the patient who was prescribed an inhaler as his asthma was being trigger by his cat. It seems that every time he got an attack, he did indeed use his inhaler - by spraying it on his cat !

I think the follow up line was slightly unnecessary.

"Spraying the cat did not relieve the patient's asthma."

I wonder if they'd asked the cat ?


gemmak said...

Lol..I was gonna blog this...very funny, if hard to imagine the idiocy of some! ;o)

Jay said...

Good grief! Didn't they get a lesson in how to use an inhaler???

Poor cat! I've now known of two greyhounds who died after puncturing an asthma inhaler with their teeth. Albuterol/Salbutamol is a killer in high doses.

I have a vision of the old guy spraying it on the cat's back though, and knowing how fast cats run from aerosols, I'm assuming the cat is fine! LOL!

Silverback said...

Sorry gemmak, guess your coffee fix didn't kick in on time again today !

Yes I had a few thoughts about the cat too, Jay. I guess the patient could've picked it up and sniffed it as a substitute for the inhaler.

As cats lick themselves a lot, I dread to think what the spray has done for it's health over the years. Probably immune to asthma though !

Debby said...

OK, I'm laughing a lot!

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