Saturday, November 29, 2008

Spaceman Meets Famous Blogger..........

We went to the Kennedy Space Center today (Fri) and Daffy and Stephen are still geeked up many hours later. I remember I was the same back in 1989 when I went there for the first time.  Now I'm an old hand who has seen it all before.

While they went off on a behind the scenes tour out to see the launch pads, Saturn V area and VAB, I walked around the center and met up with and chatted with an old friend, the astronaut.......well have a guess. Many kudos to whoever comments with his name.

Thankfully I noticed his name was stitched onto his fleece, just under the mission badge so have removed that to keep the 'game' alive.

Anyway it's quite late and I'm very tired as all that space has taken it out of me.

You could say I'm spaced out.

You COULD, but you probably wouldn't. So I did.

So g'night from the Country Inn & Suites, Cape Canaveral where we're roughing it for 2 nights. Back to the KSC in the morning where more famous people might want to meet me ! 

Blogging fame can be so fleeting.


Katherine said...

It's not the wonderful Alan Bean is it?

Silverback said...

Thank you for trying, Katherine, but no, it's not Al Bean. Or String, Green, Broad or Lima either.

Jay said...

I have no idea!! I wonder if YSF will know? I must get him to pop over and have a guess. ;)

Nice pic, though!

Yellow Swordfish said...

There is something familiar about that face but you know, he might just be the ex-astronaut who gave us a tour and lecture last time I was there!

I admit that the first time I went into the hall where the Saturn V is hung from the roof I was totally overwhelmed by the experience and burst into tears (I do this!)

Looking forward to going back to KSC one day...

Anonymous said...

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