Monday, December 01, 2008

The Birth Of A Blogger ?

You know those ultrasound photos that women show around to friends and family after a certain number of months have passed in their pregnancy ?

I can rarely work them out.  I know some computer savvy women use photoshop or some such application to add useful pointers onto their ultrasound photos to highlight fingers, toes and a certain male appendage if one has been picked up by the scan. Probably just an extra finger I'd have thought.

"OMG, my baby is deformed.  Oh hang on, it's just a boy !!".

Well here is an adult one taken at the Kennedy Space Center last Saturday. Actually it was taken at the Astronaut Hall Of Fame which is located just at the start of Columbia Blvd which leads to the 'proper' Space Center about 4 miles further on.

Unfortunately no fingers have grown at this stage in it's development but clearly, it's a boy. His feet are encased in some sort of white material which protects them from harm while in the foetal position as the womb appears to have lots of sharp corners and pointy bits. You can see the umbilical cord near his left leg and there appears to be some sort of yellow polyp growing on the womb wall just above his head. I'd have that looked at as a priority.

The downy hairs on his face and legs should disappear once he gets to full term but the technicians had no answer for the appearance of his glasses.  One theory was that they'd somehow dropped off the bedside table during conception and in a sort of Jeff Goldblum/Fly scenario, were now an integral part of the boy. It's a theory I suppose.

Clearly his head hair is still growing and will become long flowing locks in the fullness of time.

As usually happens in nature, getting him in there only took a few seconds but it took a damn sight longer getting him out !!   The pain was intense, the procedure traumatic and embarassing and a severe loss of dignity was the order of the day.

But seriously, I think the irony of this was that I'd never have gone in there a few years ago but now it's a case of......hell, why not ?  

And they say old men revert to being like babies.  I think I may have just posted the proof of this statement.

(A big thanks to Daphne for the use of her photograph/ultrasound)


Jennyta said...

How cute! I'll send you over a babygro! ;)

rhymeswithplague said...

As the umbilical cord is clearly not connected to the little tyke's navel, I shudder to think where it might be attached. This may account for the smile on the baby's face. The suntan is unexplainable unless the womb has a skylight.

Debby said...

The hair seems to have grown right up to the back of the head and then stopped....odd phenomenon for sure.

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