Friday, November 21, 2008

Houston, The Duck Is In The Air.

Daffy and Stephen are somewhere west of Ireland right now, heading like snowbirds towards the warmer temps of Florida...well for 2 weeks anyway.  They're probably at 37,000ft in their Virgin Atlantic 747-400 and should pose no real threat to the ISS or the Space Shuttle Endeavour !  

Ok so Endeavour/ISS are over Africa right now but in terms of the Universe, that's close enough to count as a close encounter.

I told them to book with Virgin Galactic but my phone msg got messed up getting to Leeds.

Of course if they should have to climb higher to avoid bad weather, I'll be straight on the phone to NASA and have them ask the ISS crew to keep an eye out for them.  The shuttle crew have been a bit slap happy with leaving tools floating around up there this visit and the last thing an already nervous Daffy needs is to see a screwdriver floating past her window. Anything floating on or past a plane is never a good thing. 

Back down here on earth, we're trying to get this place ready for the arrival of 2 more adults.  This isn't easy as it's basically 2 trailers joined together with 3 adults (and a Pixie) in here already.  It'll be cozy to say the least but all good fun too.  It's a pity in a way that they'll be arriving at the park in darkness (between 9pm and 10pm tonight) but as they'll be tired and just want to get to bed, I guess it's better that way.  Their internal clocks will be in sync with US time from the start.

Of course they haven't got a bed here, but I've not told them that yet !!   Only kidding.

We have no plans made at all.  Tomorrow will be spent in the park just letting them chill (not literally although we're just coming out of a cool spell) and we can discuss things then.  They do want to go across to the Kennedy Space Centre and as the entrance ticket is good for 2 consecutive days, it'll make sence to get a motel over there rather than making a round trip of about 260 miles to be there the following morning.

Another place they've mention wanting to visit is The Everglades.  I told them they just needed to visit my garden in Leeds which should be looking a lot like The Everglades by the time I return at the end of March. I plan to charge admission.

My initial idea is to just do the typical tourist 'thing' and drive down the East coast to below Miami, straight along the bottom (which will get us to The Everglades) and up the West coast 
to Tampa and back to the park in Sebring.  This route pretty much takes in most of what is worth seeing in mid to south Florida (sorry you lot in the North......maybe next time) as the central part of the state is as dull as dishwater - in my opinion. It'l also take us to all the beaches which are the main attraction in Florida anyway.  Disney you say ?  Universal you say ?  

Thankfully none of us are theme park fans so we'll be staying well away from them.

Anyway they've been in the air for just over 2 hrs now so should be getting something to eat (well only if they like airline food) and Daffy should've been on her feet and walking about at least twice to help with her DVT.  As long as she's not carrying a box cutter and doesn't approach the flight deck, she should be ok.  Stephen, being Stephen, has probably been asleep since leaving Leeds in a taxi.  We'll wake him up tonight when he gets to the park.  No doubt he'll just think he's in Barnsley.

To be continued............


Milo said...

Wow they certainly timed that well! Weather has turned absolutely awful since this morning - arctic winds, bitterly cold, really unpleasant. The high tomorrow will be about 2c and the low -3c. We got a 'severe weather warning' sent to us from our office manager today as black ice and freezing conditions are predicted over the new few days. Not nice!!

Enjoy yourselves y'all!

Debby said...

WE were getting ready for their arrival??? What's with this WE stuff????

Anonymous said...

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