Monday, November 03, 2008

Did You Know..........

.........that according to the tv and newspapers over here, Americans are chosing the Leader of The Free World tomorrow ?  Yes, that's right, the Leader of The Free WORLD.  Hurrah.  It's so exciting to be here right now.

I wonder if the rest of the Free World is aware of this momentous occasion ?  I mean we've not been invited to cast our votes for one of these fellas but I guess we'll accept whoever makes it over the winning line tomorrow night.

It's really like the political version of The World Series and the old chestnut about only the Americans taking part in it.  And we know that the eventual winner, the new President, will say at some point in his acceptance speech.......God Bless America.  And why wouldn't He ?!?  

Answers on a postcard please...............

At least after tomorrow, or maybe late tonight, tv advertising here will be able to go back to normal.  No more ridiculous political commercials with one side bashing the other and very few actual policy facts being mentioned at all.

No more "I'm Barack Obama/I'm John McCain and I approved this message" sort of thing.  Who in their right mind would vote for a political party based on these ads ?  Think of the money that could've been saved.  But then if saving money is your goal, think of what this election has cost in financial terms alone.  Never mind.  In a few hours it'll all be over and we in the Free World can toast our new Leader.  

Sounds a bit Star Trek to me.  I wonder if any American Klingons or American Romulans will be allowed to vote ?   

So yes, tv will go back to normal.  Back to showing adverts where we're urged to ask our doctors if such and such a drug is right for us ?  You know, the drug with so many side effects that it takes most of the ad time to tell us about them.  

"Don't take such and such if you are pregnant or likely to become pregnant !"

That one always gets me.  Nothing like ruling out about 30% of the population.

"Tell your doctor if you are taking other drugs like so and so as such and such with so and so will probably kill you."

I'd be more bothered about why my doctor has to be told about the drugs I'm taking already. Shouldn't he/she know already ?  Doesn't he/she prescribe them to me ?

Anyway I've blogged about these medical adverts before so I won't rehash it here but somehow they'll be like seeing an old friend returning after a long holiday.  That's not to say they haven't been on while the political ads have been on.  Oh perish the thought.  They've just not been on as much.

And the law firm adverts should be back too.  Lovely.

There is one down here in this area that ends their advert with the catchy slogan "For The People."  This serious lawyer type sits behind his solid imposing desk with the smart green shaded lamps at each end and veritable Library of Congress type bookshelves behind him, looks us in the eye and says........"Shyster, Buckgrabber and Ambulance Chaser....For The People"  

Welcome back guys. 

And the vehicle adverts will be back too. However even they have changed over the last year or so as gas prices here have rocketed.  There aren't so many Ford v Chevy v Toyota truck ones now, each telling us how these one ton behemoths can pull a fully laden Jumbo Jet 3 feet on only one tank of gas.

Now we're getting ads about hybrids and small European sized cars that can do a staggering 30 mpg.  Surely not.  30 miles on one gallon.  Impossible.  Well yes it is impossible once you've got the typical American family inside the damn thing.  

When empty and on a test bed....30mpg.  With a family inside on a highway....never pass a gas station.

"Each car in the range comes with metallic paint, a/c, cd player, wide tyres (sorry, tires) and a shoehorn to get your family inside."

But back to tomorrow and hopefully 'our' new Leader will be a good one and will last for the full 8 years. That way we'll not have to make do without our normal volume of medical, legal and motoring adverts.

They almost make me miss the UK ones about getting a loan and then getting out of debt.


Anyway these have been my final thoughts on the election from over here.  So it's goodnight from me.

God Bless the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Hell, God doesn't have time to listen to all that.

God Bless America.  Short.  Catchy.  It's a keeper.


Milo said...

And may God bless you too old stick! :-)

Anonymous said...

As Brit living in the deep south (Louisiana) I'm all for getting tomorrow over and back to the real world!!

CLS said...

"leader" has a nice ring to it.

Ferdinand and Isabella tried ruling it but lost a bunch of ships trying to get at you.......Napoleon and France had a go at it and stubbed his toe ....... you guys then tried to 'colonize' the whole world (or at least some of the good parts) it is our turn and all we want is to 'lead' but the real term should be "HELP" - - - and it has cost us plenty - - - too bad 'isolationism' won't work anymore - - - Ian, I keep wondering why I rise to the bait???

rhymeswithplague said...

I am an American Romulan and I was allowed to vote.

Also, I think it is greedy to say, "God bless America" when He has blessed it so much already. I always pray, "God save America" much as you English say, "God save the Queen."

I drive an eight-year-old Toyota Camry and it consistently gets 31 miles per gallon. Romulan families must weigh less than regular old American ones.

Debby said...

Here's a towel to wipe up the sarcasm you seem to be dripping.

"ask your doctor". As a country where people seem to travel about more than you say they do in yours, we tend to have more than one doctor. Me, being a perfect example. I live in one state 5 months of the year, another state for the other 7. I of course have doctors in both states and as far as I know, they don't chat on a regular basis. If my doctor in one state prescribes something, how would my doctor in the other state know if I didn't tell him or her? It's a valid statement as far as I'm concerned.

nivelan said...

Nice rant re the Leader of the Free World. Well, the Free Market world, in reality. If that lasts. It's been done, Obama has won, and history has been written before the future becomes important again.

Anyway, thanks for a good read. I found this post via your visit to Aysgarth Falls, that I plan on visiting next weekend. Also an entertaining read, including the slurry lorry ;o)

Silverback said...

Milo you crack me up. Old stick indeed !

Hope you're enjoying the real world today, Jenny. Go Bamma.

Clair I love casting my line as I know I'm bound to get one bite from you.

RWP,the 'you English' is just so wrong on many levels !

You make valid points, young Debby.
A bit brutal with the towel offer but I guess I do tend to 'drip' a lot over here.

Welcome nivelan. I'm glad you plucked up some 'Dutch courage' and came out of your 'Shell' to leave a comment !!


Anyway after all the rain in the UK, The Falls should be spectacular right now.

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