Saturday, November 15, 2008

When Does Dog Tired Become Dog Lazy ?

I've not posted much of anything about Pixie this year and I thought regular readers might like an update.

She's not been the same little doggie since her life saving back surgery just over a year ago but she's happy, loved and still with us, which is all we can hope for these days. She walks like quasimodo, pees and poops where and when the mood takes her and knows her limitations so doesn't even try to climb up or jump up onto anything more than 6 inches high.

All a bit like me really !!

But she loves being held and will almost have all her feet off the ground as she gets so excited at the prospect of being lifted onto a knee.

Again, a bit like me.

Ok I gotta stop these comparisions now.  For a start, I'm quite fussy about sitting on knees and she isn't.

So as we all winter together in sunny Florida, Gods waiting room, I think she's finally taken the retirement ethic fully on board herself.  Back in Michigan she'll get out of bed and with her Chaplinesque gait, waddle across to her food bowl for a spot of breakfast buffet.  

Things are somewhat different here in Buttonwood Bay however................

I sense a very thin line between being laid back a la Jimmy Buffett and being downright lazy, again like me. I think the next logical step will be for her to expect breakfast IN bed but we're not letting her know that's an option.

It was quite funny watching her snap up a ball of food and back up onto her bed to eat it, repeating this sequence until she'd had enough to eat.

Then she settled down to let it all process and gave me a look as if to say "what a clever little doggie I am"

What's that saying about old dogs and new tricks ?

I don't think anyone told Pixie about it.


Jennyta said...

Ah, how gorgeous! No, not you, Ian, the dog!!

Can Bass 1 said...

What nice pictures on Cambridge, sir. (I'm a Catz man, myself!)

jay said...

OK, now I'm confused. I thought you lived 6 months in the UK and 6 months in Sebring ... and now you bring Michigan into the equation?

Whose dog is Pixie, and where are they now? Why does she live in Michigan? How old is she anyway?

Enquiring minds ...

Lovely pics of a spoiled dog, though!

Debby said...

Pixie is my dog. She will be 9 years old on December 22. I live in Michigan 5 months, and Sebring 7 months. Silverback used to stay with us in Michigan 6 months until we got this place in paradise!

jay said...

Ah - thank you Debby! That explains it! :)

Silverback said...

You DO realise my post (Maybe Too Much Information) was all down to you, Jay.

Can't have you any more befuddled than you already are.

Anonymous said...

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