Monday, November 10, 2008

Silverback 1, Mozzies 0

When I was out on my daily walk this morning, I realised I'd not taken any photos of the sunset here in sunny Buttonwood Bay. Well not this season anyway. I decided to do so this evening.

It was another lovely day and at 1pm, while I was in the mood for firsts, I also decided to play my first competitive game of bocce ball this season. About 30 players registered and after over 2 hours of intense play, my team won. As I'd been in a team of only 3 players (playing other teams of 4), I was more than pleased with this result.

Go me.

After the game, Deb wanted to go to WalMart to buy a few items and to price a few more as we're going to Vero Beach tomorrow and will be going to a Sams Club which may offer better prices.

On the way back from Sebring, as we approached the park, it was obvious we'd just missed a typical stunning sunset by a few minutes and by the time we'd unloaded the groceries and put the cold items into the fridge, it was pretty much over.

Of course there are often cool photos to be taken long after the sun has dropped below the horizon and I took this one right outside the house........

I like the view of the neighbour's palm tree which takes your eye up to the red sky with the moon peeking through the clouds.

This made me think there still might be a view worth capturing down by the lake and so I jumped into the golf cart and sped off. On the way there I remembered just why I don't like taking photos at the edge of the lake after sunset. The mosquitoes.

My first attempts last year had resulted in me getting so many bites that I looked like an extra from a B movie......or a bee movie ! It took weeks for those bites to disappear and I didn't want a repeat of that this evening.

So with camera in hand, I screeched to a halt just to the left of the pier, composed the shot, took the photo and sped off to the safety of the house before a single mozzie even knew I'd been there. I didn't even check the image 'in' camera. I didn't care THAT much and whatever I got, was going to be the keeper for this evening.

It may be a bit big headed of me to say so, but I feel like a double winner today.


Jennyta said...

I'm deeply impressed that you were willing to sacrifice yourself for the sake of your art, Ian! ;)(I'm just jealous that you have mosquitoes - no chance of them here in the everlasting rain!)

rhymeswithplague said...

You can't beat a 360-degree Florida sunset, even a few minutes late.

Daphne said...

Oh those are just GORGEOUS. Save some of thoes sunsets for me, please! Fantastic photos - and congratulations on winning the bocce ball AND on dodging the mozzies.
Can I also point out that these photos back up Daphne's New Theory of Photography - - which is that Any Photo Is Better With a Palm Tree In It (and in the case of these two, EVEN better!) Wonderful.

Anonymous said...

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