Friday, October 03, 2008

A Quickie From Florida

It's 9:3pm here now and I've been awake for just over 41 hours.  I'm like a drunk man who has just gone into a coma so this will be one of my shorter posts.

Basically my mental facilities shut down slowly over the last 20 hours and yes, I know I'm leaving myself wide open to abusive comments for saying that !  Go for it.  Take your best shot. I'd not feel the slings or the arrows in my curent state.

This post is just to let you all know that I'm safe and sound stateside and sitting with my feet up in darkest Sebring.  Dark but bloody warm.  We've every window open and every fan going and I'll still have to sleep on top of the bed when I eventually stumple there.  I think I could sleep on stage at a Rolling Stones concert to be honest as my finger tips feel numb, my legs are going that way too and the last time I was able to focus properly was going through the Duty Free area in Heathrow about 18 hours ago.

Anyway the nice men from Homeland Security at Miami airport have let me in again for 177 days so there will still be plenty of time for posts after I've slept for 3 days. Maybe 4.

Actually having done this a few times before, history tells me that after only 6 or 7 hours of sleep, I'll be as perky as a topless cheerleader in a barrel of ice cubes.  Very perky indeed then.

But right now it's a struggle to see the keys, never mind hit them.  So it's goodnight from the good ol USA and have a good day y'all for those of you about to wake up back in Blighty. 


Daphne said...

Tired, perhaps - - but still unchanged in essence, I notice! So pleased you arrived safely. More blog posts soon, please.

Jennyta said...

You sound very 'perky' in this post, Ian! I'm so envious of all that lovely heat. Here it's gale force freezing winds. :( Enjoy!!!! and sleep well.

Rosanna said...

Welcome back HOME! and could you share some of that heat!!

Debby said...

Ohhhhhhh slings and arrows!!! I'll convert you to a Bard lover yet!

Jay said...

Ah, you made it then! Well done! And they let you in again!

Go get some sleep, it's painful to see you in this condition. LOL!

Bun said...

Glad you made the annual migration OK!

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