Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Golf Is A Four Letter Game

Yesterday I played golf for the first time since last March.  It didn't show.  I wasn't much good last March either !

This time, however, I had my own clubs and not a load I'd had to buy at $1 each from the local Sebring charity store. 

I went with US friends Clair, Mary and Carl and the first point to note was the temperature.  It was cold.  Not cool, but cold.  It was 11am and 55F with a strong wind blowing from the North West. Not the best direction at all.  Mary was wearing a jacket and ear muffs and even Clair had on long pants and a heavy denim shirt.

Me ?  Polo shirt and shorts of course.  It was like a decent summers day to me !  Ok it was a bit cold as we drove along in the golf carts but once stopped and playing, it was very pleasant.

I shot 98 which seemed reasonable for me but the main thing was I had fun, a lot of fun.

On one hole, Carl hit a tree which sent his ball further from the green and on his next shot, hit the same tree again.  I think he hit another tree on his way to the same green but I may have got that wrong as I was on the other side of the fairway having my own problems. And laughing at Carl.

On another hole, Mary had played her ball into the middle of the fairway, only to have it smacked yards off line by another ball.  Now what are the odds ?

I only hit one tree full on and gave another one a nasty scare.  The one I hit was only a few yards away but I'd wanted to get back onto the fairway and so took the risky shot through the trees, a risk that failed spectacularly.  I'd no idea where the ball went as when it hit that tree, I dropped to the ground like I'd been hit by a sniper.  Thankfully Mary had seen the shot and was able to tell me that my ball had gone up like an Indian rocket and was probably close to the green that we'd be playing next. It was.

The course (Harder Hall Country Club) has lots of water hazards and this means lots of wildlife, snakes and gators. We only saw one gator yesterday but as it was very close to the tee on this particular hole, it was close enough for my liking.  I mean there were no pebbles for my protection and I'm not sure which club I'd have chosen if it came at me.  Probably my 3 wood as I'd not been able to hit a thing all day with my driver. I'm not sure the gator would have offered me a mulligan.

But at $17 (£10.42 at current rates) which included a golf cart, it was a good deal and a good way to get a bit of exercise (well we DID have to walk to and from the greens). I had a few laughs with, and at, my friends, swore numerous times, hit some decent shots, hit even more crap shots, didn't lose my ball, never shot more than a 7 and even got a par.

I'd say that was a good round of golf.  For me.


Milo said...

I can't decide if '55f' is warm or cold. We only use Celsius here so I think you've gone native old stick :)

I never got the hang of golf. The rest of my family play it. I tried as a child (had lessons) but made a pigs ear of it, had tantrums and stormed off, etc. I never went back. A shame!

Daphne said...

Next time, you could consider just trying to hit the trees. That ought to ensure that the ball goes in the hole every time. Glad you had a good time!

Silverback said...

Milo I've used, and liked, temps in Fahrenheit since I was in school. I don't think it ever 'changed' to Celsius - it's just personal choice. If not, then I must've missed that letter !

I know I want to hear about a scorching day being in the 80's and not some mamby pamby high 20's.

Daphne, I might try that next time. Or use a blindfold and try the other end of the club.

CLS said...

He did very well - I think having his own clubs helped - -and Ian, to repel gators you need one of the old time clubs - "the MASHIE" (I have no idea what it was used for waaaay back in the early days of golf)

and when we snomobiled in Quebec - I always told my thermometrically challenged friends : C to F 'double it and add 30'
F to C "take away 30 and divide by 2" I wouldn't want to do important chemical work with it but it'll let you know whether to wear shorts or not !!! 55-30 = 25 divide by 2 = 12 1/2 that is why I was wearing long pants yesterday !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rosanna said...

55F is not very warm I mean we are going to be a whopping 61 on Friday here in old MI so FL should be lots warmer....

and for golf I think my boys are very grateful I never had said weapons in my arsenal....and I always thought if I were to chase balls around a park.... hmm that I would be chasing the real thing... or can't that be said in public...

Silverback said...

No matter how you do the math(s), Clair, it was still warm enough for shorts. Kilt next time.

Just a freaky cold snap, Rosanna. Normal temps will be resumed in a day or so. And yes, you can say what you said in public. Well on my blog anyway.

Katherine said...

I have a visual of SIlverback in a kilt, hitting an alligator with a golf club, and swearing.
Now THAT would be a great photo to post here!

rhymeswithvague said...

It's only natural not to want to lose your ball....

Jay said...

"I only hit one tree full on and gave another one a nasty scare."

HAHAHAHAHA!!! That sounds like just about my level of golfing ability!

Debby said...

55 degrees....brrrr that's why you were playing with Carl and not moi!

Silverback said...

Katherine I found it hard enough to hit a stationary object that day never mind a moving one, with teeth, coming at me ! I'l pass on the kilt idea.

RWP I always have a spare.

Maybe we should team up, Jay. I'll play the 'tree' shots and you take the fairway ones.

Yes Deb, I know you wanted to play initially but were oh so glad you didn't when the temps didn't rise much. You'd have bought up half the pro shop gear and still not been warm enough.

rhymeswithplague said...

Thank God.

Mortimer Sturgess said...

Lucky Silverback.
We came back from Spain, having played in 25 degrees (C) of lovely warmth to play at Portrush in 7 degrees last Sunday. (The wind chill off the north channel did'nt help!) Enjoy your golf and think of us as we spend the winter (as you know, in NI that means from now to about next July!)dreaming of playing golf somewhere warm.
Envious of Ballymoney.

Anonymous said...


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