Monday, October 06, 2008

Gator Whisperer

Remember the gator I photographed a few days ago ?  The one that was hiding his head in the reeds ?

Well on Saturday Debby came back from a golf cart trip around the park and said the gator was still there and this time his head was clearly visible.

I was going for a walk anyway so armed with my camera, I set off like a poor mans David Attenborough to get a photo of this huge man eating beast......ok a little 5ft beast then.  Come on, a guy has to tell a good story, y'know.

When I got to the area, the stupid gator was right back where we'd seen it the previous day and not only was its head hidden again but it was settled even lower in the water so there wasn't as much of its body in view.

I shouted at it.  No response.

I jumped up and down.  No response.

I decided on more drastic (and potentially foolhardy) tactics and picking up 3 pebbles from the path, I threw one underarm towards the beast. It plopped into the water a foot from the gator and - no response.  The next pebble was a bit closer but still, no response.

By now I'd got the range just right and the third, and largest, pebble hit the gator in the middle of its back and it didn't like that at all.  It reared up alarmingly and opened its jaws and then
crashed back down into the water.  Lovely.  Stunning.  What a photo opportunity.

Sadly it all happened in a flash and I'd no time to even raise my camera to my eye, never mind compose and take a photo.  Dammit.  I needed an assistant.  Where was Debbie McGee when I needed her ?  

At least he settled back down with his head a bit more exposed and I think he was giving me the 'evil eye' for sure.  

"One more pebble hits me, ya bastard, and you'll be my supper."  Or thoughts along those lines.

So I took one photo and beat a hasty retreat.

When I went back today (Monday), the gator was gone.  I guess I'd had my chance and blew it.

For once I've not resized the image.  I'm having problems with photos on here not enlarging when you click on them so hopefully this one will enlarge and if so, I want it to be full size so you can get a good look at him.

No gators were (seriously) harmed in the making of this post.


rhymeswithplague said...

Only a crazy Brit or a small child who doesn't know any better would throw rocks at alligators!

Maybe you can get a nice coral snake to pose for you next.... :)

Silverback said...

Well I tried but they're just so hard to hit !

Jennyta said...

I thought I told you to behave!! You must have read those cautionary tales about naughty boys who get eaten by alligators when they throw stones at them!

Silverback said...

Jenny, he who dares, gets eaten.

Ok people you need to remember I had a zoom lens and this image has been blown up. It was probably 12-15 ft away and in the water.

I may be crazy but I'm not stupid. Well not very.

rhymeswithplague said...

The preferred distance is 12-15 miles.

Actually gators don't usually attack people but they do like to eat dogs.

Daphne said...

That's the trouble with all kinds of lizards generally - they're either completely immobile or moving at the speed of light. Perhaps over the next few months you can train this gator to rear up and then pose for a photo. You might need quite a lot of pebbles though.

Katherine said...

Wonderful pic! Almost like being there!
I was having trouble with images not 'clicking' ... I've found the ones I've copy and pasted into a different part of my post won't enlarge. But straight loaded ones are fine.

Rosanna said...

I say we ask Miss Pixie if you are stupid or not...hmmmm wonder how she would answer... throwing boulders and large crocs.. LOL

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