Sunday, October 05, 2008

Meat Is Just So Fresh Here.

Even though we've had supermarkets in the UK since the mid 60's, we obviously have a lot of catching up to do to get where they're at over here in The Colonies.

Sure they look the same and mostly stock the same foods but down here in sunny Sebring, they've taken the idea of fresh food to another level and I'm pleased to report that the chain that filed for bankruptcy just over 3 years ago, is the one raising the bar to new heights.  Winn Dixie.

We were shopping in the local branch yesterday when we got to the checkout and Deb glanced at the cart of the man in front of us who was busy loading his shopping onto the counter.

Perched on a side 'bar' of the cart was a little lizard, one of the zillions that live here. He'd obviously come in on the cart and was enjoying shopping at Winn Dixie.  Maybe it was the GEICO gecko on a Florida vacation.    

The man saw us all looking and pointing at the lizard but he was too busy sorting out his groceries to care less.  I patted his little head (nooooooo the lizards head, not the mans) and it scuttled over to another part of the cart.  Cute little guy.

The man paid and left the store.

Legally I'm not sure where he stood.  I mean he didn't pay for the lizard but then again it wasn't sold by the store either. 

After a quick dash back to the fresh meat section, we moved up in line and started putting our groceries onto the counter.  The checkout girl glanced at my cart and seemed surprised to see the 12 lb chicken that was wrapped around the bars.  I've no idea why she rang for the manager as she hadn't said a word to the man with the gecko.

I thought it was disgraceful that they had a problem with me taking my chicken for a trip around the store.

"But it's dead" she said, somewhat unnecessarily I felt. "And also still covered in saran wrap."

"It was her last wish" I offered as a way of explanation. "She loved Winn Dixie and wanted to see inside the store one last time before supper."

"I don't believe you, Sir.  You'll have to pay for it/her."

I paid up but was not happy.  I'm sure as hell not taking my gecko there next week as planned. We'll go to WalMart.

Winn Dixie have lost my custom and to be honest, with that attitude, I can see why they went bankrupt.


Daphne said...

Of course, we have three geckos called Tass, Brenda and Julie. I've never thought of taking them on a trip to the supermarket but perhaps they'd enjoy it.

Jennyta said...

You're going to get yourself deported before you've finished, me lad! Behave yourself!!

Debby said...

At least it wasn't cheese.....

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