Sunday, October 26, 2008

Kwai Chang Caine

Ok if you never watched the 70's TV series "Kung Fu", that title will have gone right over your head.

I was out on my walk around the park roads today and came upon this monster of Jurassic Park proportions. It had to have been 20ft tall and 250lbs of pure evil muscle and it put me off my stride I can tell you. Before it could react, I climbed on board, grabbed it's antenna, tuned it into BBC America and set off at a gallop around the park.

Oh all right then. Back to reality. I came to a corner and this LITTLE grasshopper was just there in the middle of the road and happy not to be going anywhere. I was only a few yards from home so I got my camera, went back out again and Hoppy stayed perfectly still while I got down on my belly and snapped off a few shots.

I don't have a macro lens so had to get pretty close to get this view. His legs twitched a few times but he posed quite nicely. I thought about throwing a pebble at him but in the end I'd got my photos so I left him alone !!

So no grasshopper was harmed in the making of this post.

Mind you I can't say what happened when the next golf cart came along but that's not my business.

It was a glorious day so while I had the camera handy, I went round to the wooden pier on the lake and took this photo.

It's not a new view. I've posted similar ones before. But I still love it. Last year the park authorities set up several new swing 'benches' around the lake and this is the one I like to use when gazing out across the water. It's very easy to get lost in thoughts, gently swinging there in the sunshine.

I'm a gentle swinger you know.

Seeing as I was out and about now anyway, I went back round to a house here that I'd passed earlier on my walk. What I'd seen had given me a chuckle and I wanted a photo of it anyway. Considering the average age in this park is probably 105, I think this proves that humour isn't reserved for the young.

In some later post, I'll show photos of the numerous Halloween decorations around the park.

You have been warned.


Daphne said...

Could you keep that lake view JUST like that for when I get to see it, please? As for the sky - - I refer you again to that excellent song by that superb group ELO.

Anonymous said...

Oh, that grasshopper is gorgeous, isn't he? Lovely shot, too! Well done!

Tell me, are there alligators in that there lake? Cos if there are, it doesn't look half so nice.

Jay said...

Dang. That was me, hit send too quickly!

Milo said...

That a grasshopper or a locust? Or are they the same thing?

Silverback said...

Don't worry, Daffy, the lake and the blue sky will be here when you are. Even bluer !

Jay the lake does have gators but still looks nice. We have 2 pools for swimming.

Milo they are very different critters and yes, this was a grasshopper. Huge sucker too. 3 maybe 4ins long. (Deb says I'm using 'man' inches but I donno what she means)

rhymeswithplague said...

You and your pebbles....

Rosanna said...

I laughed out loud at Miss Pixie's "man inches" and like the little man with binoculars in the bush photo.!!!

Anonymous said...

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