Friday, August 22, 2008

Ohh Errr Missus

My last post was understandably sombre and serious and that's not me at all. I can be serious when needs must, and it 'musted' then - but I think the time has come for a death post on a lighter note.

Yes is IS possible. And this one is all Daffys fault.

You see, yesterday she told me that hubby Stephen was going to bury the snake this weekend.

"Bury the snake !" I said. "That sounds a bit like......bury the snake !!"

Phanrr phanrr.

I'm not usually privy to such news and quite frankly it was more information than I needed to know.

When she added that her mother might be involved, I almost lost it.

Then she told me about the death of Kelloggs and it all made sense. Phew.

Our friendship is back on a secure, normal level and what goes on behind those closed doors will remain a mystery to me. All is well with the world.

Just not in the world of Kelloggs.


Debby said...

Oh oh oh if I were there I could help with the coffin. I could tape several paper towel tubes together! The end one would be a little toilet paper tube as of course Kellogs is minus his tail!

Daphne said...

Yes, we get up to some strange things here in God's Own County. Not all of them sound like something an Australian bloke might get up to after a night chatting up Sheila. If Crocodile Dundee didn't say anything about "burying the snake" well, I think he should have.

Jennyta said...

Yes, Ian, I have just read your comment on Daphne's post. Somewhat lacking in sensitivity perhaps??? ;)

Daphne said...

Yes, Jenny, Silverback's comments made me howl. And shake. With quite uncontrollable laughter. Especially the last sentence. Brilliant.

Jay said...

Aw ... poor Kellogg!! I must admit I have never seen a snake without a tail. The mind boggles.

And I'm glad that's what you were talking about. LOL!

Now, clearly, I'm going to have to find the comment so I can howl with uncontrollable laughter too.

Katherine said...

Hmmm...very Freudian. Yet again.

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