Saturday, August 09, 2008

It's That Time Again !!

Hardly seems like we've had a break from footy this year what with Euro 2008 and all the games going on somewhere around the world.

Now, today, we have the start of the footy season in England....well except for the high and mighty Premiership 'big' boys who start next weekend. La-di-da. They need the extra week to count the money in their Swiss bank accounts.

So it's another season for me to support my local team Leeds United - a team who were recently voted the most hated team in the country. Lovely.

I've never really understood why this is the case, but I know it to be true. Many say it goes back to the 70's when we were known simply as 'dirty Leeds' which again 'they' say was down to us being a very strong, successful team who did well in Europe too. Yes we were hard but so were most teams then. They use the word 'professional' as if that is some sort of negative description.

Leeds United played some of the most impressive, attacking, creative, skillful football back in the 70's and what happened.....dirty Leeds ?

Anyway, I try not to discuss those days or even these days as like with refereeing decisions, no football fan has ever been known to change his mind. If you hate Leeds, nothing I can say will change your mind so why bother ? So I won't.

Last season we started our campaign with a savage penalty of -15 points for being naughty boys but we wiped out that deficit after 5 games as we won the lot. This season it's a lot different as we've started with the same points as Britain gets now every year in the Eurovision Song Contest (that would be nil point) so it's a level playing field, as we say.

With an irony that only seems to happen in football, we were forced to kick off at noon today, 3 hrs before everyone else and as we won against the mighty Scunthorpe United (yes that's how far we've sunk), we are now top of the table. Last season bottom, this season top. Albeit for just a few more minutes when the rest kick off.

But still. Hurrah.

I've not been to a Leeds game for several years. I couldn't name ANY of the current team. I wouldn't know any player if I tripped over him in the street (he'd have dived anyway !). I do know the manager though. He was a player from the days when I DID go regularly you see.

But they are still my team. My lads. My home team.

These days I don't get suicidal when they lose. My weekend isn't ruined. I get over it after a few hours.

After all, it's only a game. Not life and death.

Sod that.

Played 1. Won 1. League position 1.

COME ON YOU WHITES !!!!!!!!!!!


Daphne said...

As you know, I know nothing about football, but - as you know - when did knowing nothing ever stop me coming forward with an opinion?!
I think the hatred of Leeds United is, at least partly, down to that "professional" word that you mention - Leeds did very well at a time when people STILL thought that "bumbling amateur" was the proper British thing to be in sport - they thought that about tennis, too - and that to be "professional" and do it as a job, and go all out to win, was somehow un-British and vaguely cheating.
I hope Leeds stay in the league position they were in at two-fifteen today for the rest of the season.

Jennyta said...

Oh no, not flaming football again!! :(

Debby said...

Get over it? Just a game? Who are you kidding???? I love that you supported your team even when they were down. A true loyal fan. I don't even like soccer and I still shout 'GO WHITE!' Glad they're top of the heap and hope they stay there.

Kate said...

As Jennta said, not Football again, flippen Nora, It ain't that long since it was the end of last season - now here we go again arrghh... By the way another good new item, well sort of - there's a wee present waiting for you at my blog... For an inveterate talker (like meself) it will suit you down to the ground - though not a football one though!

Kate said...

P.S. oops.. I meant to say 'News' item (Numptie) that's what I get for not checking my typing.....
Cheers Kate x.

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