Wednesday, December 22, 2010

When Downsizing Is Good !

Sorry for the false advertising from the last post (last post....hehe) but there really wasn't much of anything to tell about our shopping trip after the car scouting trip yesterday. We went to a Publix, got a few essentials and that was it. Dullsville.

But I guess it did give me a good opportunity to show, by way of artistic interpretation, just why we need to downsize the truck and get a smaller vehicle.

Behold 'the beast' in the Publix car to a fairly typical European sized car, like a 4 door Clio in fact. The first photo shows the relative length differential and the second photo shows the pretty glaring width disparity.

Look I'm British and I like to show off that I know lots of different words, ok ?

Even in America, with it's large vehicles, large drivers and large fries, parking this truck still requires wing mirrors the size of my house windows and a man with airport paddles to guide us in the last few feet. We're quite used to climbing down to find we've unwittingly reversed over a couple of shopping carts and, occasionally, one with the shopper still attached.

In a one ton dually, no one can hear you scream !

Oh one thing about the shopping. I was fascinated to see potatoes individually vacuum packed.

I'm sure 'we' sell them like this somewhere, Harrods or somewhere, but it seems like packaging overload to me. And I guess I wouldn't be me if I didn't post 3 photos when 1 would do. So here are some fruits I've never seen before although, to be fair, once beyond apples, oranges and bananas, everything becomes exotic to me.

I'll certainly be looking for them when I get back to England - when I'll be able to whiz into a parking bay in one smooth motion !!


Ruth said...

Quince and starfruit should be reasonably readily available. I've never heard of that particular squash before but the bountiful Leeds market may well provide.

Of course, if you just want to look not buy then you could print off your own photos.

As for individually vacuum wrapped potatoes - that's obscene. Thank goodness the bananas were allowed to be packed in their own skins.

Daphne said...

The fruit does look interesting! But I'm puzzled by the state of the ground - why isn't it white? I thought ground was always white. Well, it is here, anyway. Or as fare back as I can remember, anyway.

Jennyta said...

I think Daphne may be suffering from snow overload. ;)

rhymeswithplague said...

The oblong yellow thingies are called starfruit. Wheb cut crossways, the pieces look like a 5-pointed star. The taste is sort of applish and pineapplish.

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