Tuesday, December 21, 2010

There's Nowt So Queer As Folk.

That's a common expression to be heard in parts of Northern England (mostly in Yorkshire although those across 'the border' in that other county might claim it too) and it simply means that in this world, there is nothing (nowt) as strange/odd (queer) as people (folk).

This came to mind just now when I got an email via CBS News as the report mentioned the word 'Leeds' and I've set Google alerts up to email me when such a word pops up on t'interclacker. This way I never miss out on home news, although I'm well aware that other towns and cities of the same name exist in other countries. Even here in the US of A.

And so it was, dear reader, that when I noticed the article headline ("Crossbow Cannibal" Killed Women, Ate Bodies), I was quite relieved to see that it came from CBS News and was OBVIOUSLY a report from another Leeds. Surely not MY Leeds.

I clicked on the link and read the words with mounting horror and disbelief and I advise those of a 'nervous disposition' not to bother following my lead. How could this happen in my hometown ?
I mean football violence, yes. That's a given. Even the occasional armed robbery. But THIS ?

I mean this guy had no class. Never mind the lack of fava beans.....where was the chianti ?

No but seriously, I can hardly believe this happened anywhere in England, never mind Leeds. It just goes to prove the saying above although I never thought it would be SO apt.


Richard said...

You mean you somehow missed this story when they were hunting him and he was arrested? Was his trial today, although the eating of the victims is news to me.

Daphne said...

The bit on the news report that says he may have kept pet lizards mentions this as though the lizard-keeping is a sure indication of cannibalistic tendencies. I'm not QUITE sure how the two are connected!

Richard said...

It was really in Bradford as well, but I'm impressed that CBS didn't just say it was "north of London"!

Silverback said...

Yes Rich, I guess I missed the hunt and arrest, skipped the commercials and have gone in straight at the epilogue.

But then I'm a senior now so I may just have forgotten ! Be nice.

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