Sunday, December 19, 2010

Buttonwood Bay Golf Cart Parade 2010

This post will be short and sweet, a bit like the parade.

It was originally slated for last Sunday but as we were in the middle of a very cold snap then, it was postponed until tonight......and it was a bit cold and miserable tonight as well.

As a result we had a very low turnout - 4 entries as far as I could see - but as it was dark, I may be wrong about the total.

Anyway here are photos of the hardy 4 and it was a shame that a combination of the weather and the postponement meant that there WERE only 4 as it was clear a lot of hard work had gone into decorating these carts. I particularly liked the simulated fireplace between the stockings on the front of Number 2.....very inspired and a sure winner in my book.

And I realise I've included the back end of Number 3......but it was more interesting than the front !

There did seem to be a late entry at one point in the parade and 'as we go to press', I'm still not sure what it was doing there ! Still, as is the way with most things in Buttonwood Bay, we welcomed these nice folks and hope they enjoyed the fun.

Breaking News : Number 3, the fire truck golf cart, won 1st prize. It was flatbedded in from the golf cart company in Sebring and so might have been classed as a ringer - but in the spirit of Christmas, well done them.

As a result, Number 2 cart came 2nd and so well done to our friends, Clair and MK, who in my unbiased opinion were totally robbed !

Ok so I AM biased but then it's also my blog !


Daphne said...

Ahhh very festive! Would you like some snow to complete the Christmassy feel? We have plenty to spare.

rhymeswithplague said...

It is screaming to be asked: Why was the parade held in the dark? There don't appear to be any Christmas lights.

Inquiring minds want to know.

Silverback said...

Daphne, it was quite cold enough without any of your UK snow, thank you very much.

Inquiring Mind, it's held at 6pm to give those carts without any or few decorated lights a chance to be seen but also to give those WITH lights a chance to display them at their best. The flash photos I took tended to bleach out the lights.

Juanita said...

Thought there was one person who had a storage shed full of decorations...attendance at the place where we are now is really LOW. We are sitting in a place for 96 RVs and there are currently 8. I loved the BB cart parade when we were there...what a disappointment..I was looking for a big cart slide show!!

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