Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Oh The Weather Outside Is...Nominal !

I'm very confused.

And this time it's not down to having a senior moment.

Right now I'm in my recliner looking at our Christmas tree, quietly tinselling away in the corner, and next to it is a 4ft Santa who is dressed as a Santa should clobber with black accessories. Well it IS the Christmas period after all so fair enough, that's what I should be looking at.

Outside it's Florida. Land of year round sunshine and warmth - except that the warmth has temporarily left us and has been replaced with almost UK like temperatures.

I say almost as of course I realise that our current cold snap would be regarded as an Indian Summer in the UK right now but it's all relative. My mind (and body) expect warmth here. That's the nature of things and I get very confused when the nature of things gets all messed up.
Over the years I've become accustomed to spending the festive season in t-shirt and shorts and so having to wear a fleece and jeans is just not on.

Seems to me that ever since 'global warming' was threatened, we've had nothing but 'global not very warm at all really'. I suspect that the writers of those reports had been sitting poolside on some Caribbean island, knocking back the expense account pina coladas and having a right old laugh.

In any case it's cold here. Sub zero overnight cold in fact. Oranges have been falling like cannon balls and speaking of balls, mine were last seen on Friday afternoon. It's cold, I tells ya.

Mind you, yesterday I had a brief spell of warmth when 'researching' my Pisa post as I was looking at photos of our time there when it was hot and sunny. So that's what I mean by being confused.

I see images (photos) of warm times. I see images (Christmas tree and Santa) of cold times. I 'see' memories (palm trees and sunshine) of a normally warm Florida out the window but overall, I feel cold. My world has gone a bit mad on me.

1) Warm memories....

2) Cold images.......

3) Cold now but normally warm...........

Does not compute.....does not compute. Danger Will Robinson........

I've just watched the launch of a commercial rocket (Falcon 9....sounds like a Shadows record) from nearby Cape Canaveral and the most used word from mission control as it climbed to orbit was.....nominal. Everything it seems was.....nominal. Nominal is good. Nominal is normal.

I wish our weather was.


Daphne said...

I enjoyed the rocket launch (can I say it was pheeee - nominal? No, I thought not)and also seeing the blue sky at Cape Canaveral (I've BEEN THERE YOU KNOW).
Your description of the Christmas tree "quietly tinselling away in the corner" is - - well - - sparkling. Love it!

Jennyta said...

I think you took it with you when you left these shores, Ian. ;)But the problem is, you left some behind too!

Jay at The Depp Effect said...

Hahahahahaha!! Love the pic of you holding up the leaning tower. I've got one of those, somewhere! LOL!

Sorry your weather isn't up to scratch. Maybe it'll pick up just in time for you to come home? Tee hee.

rhymeswithplague said...

What?? "Sub-zero" in Florida? This U.S. reader was jolted for just a second until I realized you were speaking in Celsius. Here in Fahrenheit-land that would be called "sub-freezing" because zero to us is 32 degrees below freezing.

Mildred Garfield said...

I'm in Delray Beach, Florida and it is freezing here too.

Down here for the winter to escape the cold Northeast, at least it doesn't snow here, not yet anyway. ;-)

It will warm up, it will warm up, it will warm up

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