Sunday, June 06, 2010

A Taste Of Wales

Daphne and I went to South Wales last week and I'm still sorting through the hundreds of photos from there. Add to that, ones from other trips going back to Italy last summer and often the idea of blogging about them and the trips they came from seems daunting. Remember the cruise a few months ago ?

Yep, still got to finish blogging about that little trip.

Anyway all in good time I guess but that's partly why I've not blogged for a while.

So here is a photo from the Wales trip for now and as Mr. Swartzin......Swartzonigg.....oh sod it, Arnie would say.......I'll be back.


Daphne said...

It was such a glorious day and your photo captures it perfectly. Wonderful.

Jennyta said...

Beautiful! But then, Wales is! ;)

rhymeswithplague said...

Ah, Worm's Head! (I read Daphne's blog too, and that's how I knew...)

Beautiful photo, by the way.

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