Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Susan Boyle - I Need Your Help !

With an early morning visit of someone from St. Kitts and Nevis, my blog has had visitors from 99 different countries. Bless you all but now I have a grovelling request to make because as any professional cricketer will tell you, being on 99 is torture. Like them, I want a century...and more. As there are about 195 countries in the world, depending on who you ask, then there are plenty more who could be visiting my blog if only they knew about it !

So if anyone has an internet friend who lives on some relatively obscure Pacific Island (Wallis and Futuna would be a good one) or even Iceland (they sent me their ash so it's only right that they should visit my blog) then could they please email them my site and just ask them to stop by.

As the title of this post suggests, I could simply mention Susan Boyle again but based on past posts, that would just get me loads of visitors from America and Japan who seem to have a permanent global search going on for any mention of her name on the internet and anyway, I don't think her cd has made it to Wallis and Futuna. I'm not even sure electricity has made it there but you never know.

So come on, my kind readers. Yes, both of you. Scan your email contact lists and find someone not on this list as you just know I'll be sitting here waiting to get my century.

Put me out of my misery.

(This post has been approved by the tourist board for Wallis and Futuna and the agent for Susan Boyle).


Daphne said...

Surely Yorkshire should count as a separate country?

Silverback said...

To most Southerners who get past our passport control booths on the M1, it is !

Jennyta said...

Well, I suppose, for a small (enormous) fee, Keith and I could take the scenic route to our holiday in France next month. Let's see you grovel first though. ;)

rhymeswithplague said...

My blog has had visitors from 113 countries so far, 114 if you count something called "European Union," but alas, as much as I would love to help put you out of your misery, the only web addresses I know are in the USA, UK, Netherlands, France, and New Zealand.

We could all sing, "99 cyberspace flags on the wall, 99 cyberspace flags, take one down and pass it around, 98 cyberspace flags on the wall" and so forth, all the way down to zero, and by then surely you will have that 100th flag.

Debby said...

Just had to read the comments on this one....

Milo said...

You've made me curious to check my own country stats which I have just done. Am a little bit ahead of you on... 170! :D The most recent country was French Polynesia, today. More of my stats here.

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