Monday, May 31, 2010

Normal Service Will Be Resumed........

Wow that phrase takes me back. In the early days of British television (well in our house anyway), the already flickering picture would often go a bit wonky and then go altogether. If the boffins (early geeks) at the BBC were on the ball, you'd get a little message like the one above, apologising for the lack of Bill & Ben or Jackanory and then you'd get a bit of music for a while and then when someone found a shilling for the meter, the picture would return.

Hurrah for technology.

Of course back then, tv would end at 10pm as there was nothing more to broadcast. There was no more news anywhere around The Empire, and the cricket had ended hours ago so that was the sport done with. So a young black and white Queen Liz would come on and sing the National Anthem which usually made her giggle at the start when she blessed herself. Then a man would remind us to turn off our tv sets so that Telstar could recharge it's batteries up in orbit overhead.

I know, it's all rubbish but hey, I've not blogged for ages so I'm just full of it.

Just over 2 weeks ago my sickly laptop give up the ghost and needed emergency surgery. This involved backing up as much as possible, replacing the hard drive and reloading Vista, lots of Sony drivers and finally as much of the backed up data as possible. Yesterday Daphne's wonderful hubby, Stephen, finished the job and lappy was handed back me as good as new. Better even as a lot of pre-installed rubbish wasn't. Installed that is. And I've got Vista Ultimate which is Vista with go faster stripes.

So for the rest of yesterday I again downloaded and installed all the free software that makes my life on the internet so much better....Skype, Trillian, utorrent, Digiguide (ok not free but I was already a subscriber) and so on. Then I set everything up as I wanted it, including my email alert wav. I've picked Mail6.wav although for some reason it chops off the end on this site.

So basically I'M BACK......although I'm off again right away as I'm heading to deepest, darkest S. Wales in the morning for a wee 3 day trip to Swansea and places nearby. While I was lappyless, I joined the 21st century and by agreeing to hand over the bulk of my pension every month for the next 2 years, I signed a contract for a new phone. A smartphone no less. Smarter than me as I haven't worked out how to make a bloody phone call yet ! There is no button B and I still can't find an application to send telegrams so it's not THAT smart. Anyway I can now be in touch ''on the road'' so expect lots of Facebook photos and Tweets with annoying regularity from now on.

You have been warned.

Prynhawn da !


Debby said...

It would be 'bore da' here, but Rydw i'n dod o America you know!

rhymeswithplague said...

I can't imagine you lappyless.

Jay said...

"There is no button B and I still can't find an application to send telegrams so it's not THAT smart"

Hohoho! I remember those four-penny phone calls and the infamous button B!

Are you back from Wales now? Sounds as if you had a good time! Dinner and theatre and all. Welcome home - and I'm glad you have Lappy back!

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