Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Eee By Gum, I'm Still On T'internet

My laptop is not well. In fact it may have a terminal condition.

Little geek joke there.

I don't think it liked being put to sleep just before my flight back to the UK a few weeks ago but I was so excited to have a free wi-fi connection at Orlando airport that I kept using it until my row of seats was called for boarding. With no time to do a proper shut down, I just shut the lid and that dropped it into sleep mode for the rest of the trip home.

It was a particularly rough flight as we took off into a severe thunderstorm but although I doubt that had any effect on it, the laptop was never the same once I got it home. I was able to back up my photos and videos and other important stuff but finally a few days ago, it wouldn't even power up into Windows.

Yesterday I took it to Stephen, Daphne's hubby, who is a bit of a wiz with computers and all things with a plug and he has already managed to backup the entire hard drive using a disc based version of Ubuntu as the operating system and so if he can get no further, I'm happy for him to try and do a 'restore to factory settings' recovery.

So until then, or until I have to buy a new laptop, I'm very grateful to have the loan of this Asus Eee from Daphne to help me have at least a small window into the internet. A small window is never as good as a Vista, but it's better than having no view at all.

Another little geek joke there.

For those who have never seen an Eee, I've added a biro to the photo for scale but when you realise that the closed unit is as wide as my outstretched hand, then you'll see why it's not an easy task to write a blog there may not be many for the next few days.

So with a huge thanks to both Stephen and Daphne, I'll leave the story here. I dare not put this Eee down in case I can't find it again and it's just so damn cute that I may find it hard to give back.

Daphne, you have been warned.


Daphne said...

Thank you for the thanks and you're very welcome, of course! I do like the Eeeeee as a second computer for holidays etc - it's great. But the small size of its screen and its keys means I wouldn't want it as the main machine - - I'm too blind and too ham-fisted!

Jennyta said...

Well, Ian, you must be well in with Daphne if she's lent you her laptop! It would take a lot for me to lend anyone mine! ;)

Daphne said...

Jenny - it's true that there are very, very few people to whom I'd lend my laptop. But Silverback is most definitely one of them, because he knows - like I do - that a computer is a wonderful life-enhancing thing and I know he knows how to treat them!

rhymeswithplague said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
rhymeswithplague said...

So then you're saying you have fat fingers....

The above comment is aimed at Ian, not Daphne, whose fingers I'm sure are lovely....

I wondered why you weren't posting. All's well that ends well, as they say.

Milo said...

I have a Samsung NC10 netbook which is my backup / take on holiday laptop. The rest of the time I use a normal 15.6" HP laptop I bought in Curries in the Jan sales that has proved surprisingly good and am still happy with it. Never thought of myself as a laptop person until a year or so ago. Used to be very into online gaming and desktops were better for those.

Hope your mainframe is back up to speed soon!

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