Sunday, March 21, 2010

A Tale Of Double Celebration.

One of the sweet old ladies in the park celebrated her 90th birthday today and as often happens on such occasions, lots of her friends and relatives arrived to give her a great party.

Her name is Esther and I don't know her. But that's ok as I don't know a lot of people in the park but it doesn't stop us waving at each other when we pass or getting a handshake or a hug depending on the sex of the person at the time. Or I guess at any time. They don't tend to change sex when they're senior citizens.

But Deb knows her and so she went off to say happy 90th to her at the party and I thought that would be the end of it.

A bit later we went on a golf cart ride as we do just about every day. When it's 78F in the shade and the house is getting a bit warm despite all the windows being open, it's lovely to feel the breeze as you tootle along in the golf cart at the park maximum speed limit of 10 mph. We ended up down by the lake and noticed that a small crowd had gathered.

There in the water was a guy on a jet ski. It turned out he was Esther's grandson who is a jet ski professional. I'd no idea one could make a living out of riding a jet ski but what do I know !?

That was rhetorical so don't be adding any of your smart remarks in the comments section ! You know who you are.

Anyway he was performing his stunts for the crowd out on the end of the pier so I dropped Deb off and rushed home for my camera. It only took me a few minutes but it seems time is short when it comes to doing stunts and so by the time I returned, his show was almost over. I did see him doing a few somersaults as I walked out to the end of the pier but by the time I got there and was set up, both he and his jet ski had run out of puff and no more somersaults were performed.

Here he is somehow managing to go sideways........

Then he shot past us a few times showing total control of his craft and did little bunny hops, rising out of the water on each occasion.......

Then his jet ski developed some sort of overheating problem and he called it a day. In the meantime, I'd finally seen Esther as she was there, proudly watching her champion grandson.

If you click on the photo and look closely, you'll see images of Debby reflected in Esther's glasses as they were having a right old chit chat. Esther obviously has other grandchildren as I also saw a great grandson, Liam, and here he is looking a bit like Mater from the movie "Cars" .....

Just before we left the area, I took this shot of Deb, for no other reason other than I could and it links nicely into the second celebration.

These storylines aren't just thrown together you know !!

If you think she looked happy in that photo, you should've seen (and heard) her a couple of minutes later when we continued on our golf cart ride. We were passing through 'The Grove' ( a lovely shaded picnic area at the side of the lake ) and I went further into it to have yet another look for a very expensive (cause I bought it !) blue topaz bracelet she'd lost there last Sunday at the chilli fest. Now we'd both searched the place several times on the day and on many subsequent days and found nothing.

Within seconds we both spotted it at the same time and before I could stop the cart, Debby was out and picking it up. It was virtually undamaged and when I took this photo using her droid phone, I didn't notice the sun glinting of one of the topaz links. It seemed fitting as that's how we'd spotted the bracelet lying on the mossy, leaf covered ground in the first place. This image was up on Facebook in seconds and I hope Debby doesn't mind me using it again here !

We celebrated by going out for a slap up meal at Mrs. Miggins Pie Shoppe, otherwise known as Ruby Tuesdays, with enough food left over and brought home to enjoy again tomorrow.

Eee it were a grand day right enough and I hope we, and Esther, have many more of them.


Daphne said...

I'm so glad the bracelet's back in its rightful home.
I thinkwhen I grow up, if I ever do, I might be a Jet Ski Professional. It looks like a really fun way to earn a living and it seems to involve lots of splashing around in water, which I know I'd like. Great photos, too!

Milo said...

Nice photo of Deb and I'm glad the bracelet was found.

rhymeswithplague said...

Blue topaz is/are my daughter's favorite, and if I had known a bracelet of same was lying/laying around in 'The Grove' I would have been on my jet ski in an instant to pick it up mid-somersault.

Still, I'm glad you both found it.

jay said...

Oh, I'm glad to hear Debbie found the bracelet! And the 'ting' shining off one of the links is actually a pretty good photo effect, you know. Perfect, in fact! If only there was one 'tinging' off one of Debbie's teeth as well!

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