Friday, March 05, 2010

Extra ! Extra !

Watching BBC America the other day, I think I may have discovered what Howard Brown is doing these days.

Brown, you may remember, was the HBOS customer services employee who went on to fame and (presumably) fortune as their singing, dancing, spokesperson on tv adverts from 2000 until the campaigns featuring him were dropped in 2008.

I know that his wikipedia entry says he's still with the company in their PR dept but I think he's doing a bit of moonlighting for the BBC.

I know if I have to see him on tv at all, I much prefer him in a speaking role - and seated !


Richard Speight said...

I did notice that when I was over long as he doesn't start singing you should be ok

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Remember Guy Goma - the taxi driver who was mistakenly ushered into the BBC World News studio to be interviewed much to his bemusement? Was he really Howard without the glasses?

Expat mum said...

I've almost given up with BBC America. There's only so much Top Gear a girl can take.

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