Friday, March 26, 2010

Kids Do The Funniest Things !

Last Tuesday, during the Raver's Day events in The Grove at sunny Buttonwood Bay, there were some grandkids for whom Elvis, or pseudo Elvis, just didn't cut it. While the main man was belting out the songs and walking off the pounds (see previous post), these kids were walking along the edge of the lake, looking for anything of interest.

At one point I went back to the house for my zoom lens and in doing so, I passed one of the young boys who was eager to show me his 'find'. He had a tiny gecko (well I call these little lizard critters that anyway) in his hand and unlike most of them, it wasn't bothered about scooting away when he let go of it. I think he'd been holding it tightly for some time, as kids do with small live animals, and it was probably half squished and certainly traumatised by the time he held it up for me to see.

Then he played his party piece and placed the gecko near his ear and sure enough it snapped it's tiny, but sharp, teeth onto his lobe and dangled there like a living version of a Bet Lynch earring. (Bet Lynch being a character in the long running UK soap, Coronation Street, who was infamous for her long dangling earings, amongst other dangling things !!)

Click to enlarge the photo a bit and see it properly.

I'm thinking of sending the photo to Geico Insurance so they know what their spokescritter is up to when not promoting the company and that he might need some PTS treatment when he returns !


Jennyta said...

How sweet! :)

rhymeswithplague said...

'Av a wee nip o' me earlobe, luv! (Not you, Ian)

jay said...

I didn't know they did that! How funny! LOL!

Can you get them in pairs?

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