Thursday, December 17, 2009

There Be Snow Here

Well we arrived in Houghton Lake at 7pm and jolly white it was too. Being 7pm it was pretty dark but take my word for it, it was white too.

Actually looking out the plane's porthole or whatever, there wasn't that much snow to be seen over southern Michigan. When we landed in Flint, there still wasn't that much. Then we drove 2 hrs to Houghton Lake and as the miles passed, the snow levels grew. By the time we got 'home', the roads would've brought the UK to a standstill but it was simply business as usual here.

I was wearing a t-shirt under a fleece under a large jacket and the car heater was on blow factor 2 and I was still cold !

Oh and the car, if I can call it that, is a Chevy Aveo. This car reflects the US car industry right now and makes my Clio seem like a Rolls Royce. Yes it has 4 doors and a few windows but there the luxury ends. One cup holder for the rear passengers only, no cruise control, manual everything except the transmission and 'best' of all, no central locking. It's been so long since we've used a key to lock car doors that we've twice walked away with them all unlocked. Trying to squeeze the key reminded us !

Yet it has 2 power points (formally known as cigarette lighter points) and you can hook your mp3 player to the in car stereo. Go figure. We were hoping that the 5 of us, 4 adults and 21 month old Mason, could go downstate on Sunday but it ain't gonna happen using this toy car. Even with Mason on a roof rack.

But the main thing is we're here safe and sound, if cold. It's been a long day that started at 5:30am in Tampa and now it's after midnight in Houghton Lake, 1343 miles later.

Time for bed, methinks. Snow photos tomorrow.


Jennyta said...

Glad you got there safely, Ian, but why did you take such a 'scenic route'? Going via Flint seems madness to me but, since you were there, you could have popped round for a cup of tea. ;)

Daphne said...

Shame about the car! But so glad you got there safely. We've had snow in Leeds, too, this morning - nearly two dozen flakes of it. Makes a change from rain. I want to see your snow photos now!

CLS said...

No snow here in Sebring - - but I did move my lighted snowman to the other side of the driveway.

Yorkshire Pudding said...

I don't like to pick people up on their spelling but I fear you missed an "x" from the name of your Floridian departure point.

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