Thursday, December 17, 2009

The End Justifies The Means

Just in case we wondered what possessed us to come up north to snow covered Houghton Lake from the balmy warmth of central Florida, these two photos from a few minutes ago might provide the answer.

Firstly, a view from just outside the front door, which was as far as I was prepared to venture in my socks and pj clad body.

Then this is Mason, one of the reasons for our trip here. A 21 month old bundle of fun who elicits constant 'awwww's' from us and is just a joy to be with. Even when he's having breakfast !

Is it cold outside ? Who cares. Suddenly, for me at least, Christmas has taken on a much different feeling.


ruth said...

Wonderful pics. Seems like you may have found the real spirit of Christmas. Have a great chilly time.

jay said...

Mason looks like a cutie - and yes, that's what makes Christmas good. ;)

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