Monday, December 14, 2009

Buttonwood Bay Christmas Golf Cart Parade 2009

Phew, that was a mouthful but I thought I'd get as many appropriate words into the title as I could to guide new readers to my blog. Once again, shameless.

Right, we're back in the air conditioned coolness of the house after the golf cart parade and much fun was had by all. That was mostly down to the booze but the evening was capped off by the appearance of a frog that had been slumbering on our golf cart roof and decided to jump onto us as we drove home. It dropped onto my shoulder and scared the bejesus out of me as it was all wet and surprising and in my haste to get it off me, I slapped it straight onto Deb's face where it clung as if on the north side of the Eiger. She screamed and flailed about like someone who's panties had been overrun with fire ants....while still wearing them !

The air turned blue but it was dark and so no one would've noticed. In the great scheme of things, I'm not sure who was more terrified. Me, who had experienced the frog first but had no idea what the wet thing had been; Deb who was still screaming whilst wiping slime of her face or the stunned frog which was probably lying in a mess by the side of the road wondering what the hell had just happened but thinking it was the last time he was gonna sleep on a golf cart roof.

I'm telling ya, there's never a dull moment in this place.

But back to the parade. As usual I went to the staging area as once these carts get going in the parade, I rarely get good photos of them. The downside of this is that I'm taking the photos before it gets really dark and therefore their lights are but a shadow of their full glory. You'll just have to squint and get a feel for it that way. At a later date here may be a video clip of the whole parade as it passed me by.

This is a shot of the lead cart, decorated by and representing the park's Red Hat Ladies. See, the cart even has a red hat. Brilliant.

Look at the work that has gone into decorating these carts; checkout the details.

In that last photo above, you might just notice that the little bearded character in the hammock has a gator nibbling at his leg. These people are just plain sick but you have to admire their attention to detail !

Ok it's getting a bit darker by now so these next 3 look a bit 'better' as their lights have come into play.

In true tradition, Santa brought up the rear. That's as far as tradition went though as tonight he traded reindeer power for horsepower as you can see -

And so it was all over for another year. In the morning the same carts will be flying around the park as naked as nature intended.

Not the drivers; dear God not the drivers. Just the carts.


Daphne said...

Very enjoyable and I'd like to see a video of the golf carts parade now.
Not, however, as much as I'd like to see a video of the moment the frog landed on you. Just mentioning it.

Jennyta said...

Well that was very chivalrous of you to flick the poor frog straight onto Debbie!! You underhand cur, you! Avast, have at ye - and all that sort of thing. Has she forgiven you yet?

Punctuation said...

Heh heh - the only golf carts we have around here are driven by the maintenance guys (usually at breakneck speed) although they have swapped them for snow plows at the moment!

Is it weird to have a warm and sunny Christmas? We are definitely looking at a very very white Christmas here, just like last year, and the year before and the year before and... ;-)

There's a reason Nebraska rhymes with Alaska, I'm sure.

As far as I'm aware we don't have any such parades here. Sigh.

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