Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Preparing For Winter

When I told people I was going to Florida for the winter, I meant I was going for the winter season and NOT winter weather. I wanted sunshine, beaches and waving palm trees - the whole dream.

After 7 weeks or so of living that dream, tomorrow morning at 8:35am, we fly AWAY from this sort of thing and 6 hrs later (stopping in Atlanta for 2 hrs) we'll be literally knee deep in a full snow covered winter wonderland, in northern Michigan.

Now for those who do not know where Michigan is, and for non Americans too, it's just below Canada and pretty close to Siberia as far as weather goes. It's pretty much a white state from late November until April and I'm not being racist here. It gets a LOT of snow.

But fear not. I'm well prepared. I'm sitting typing this post in a hotel room so close to Tampa airport that I can tell who didn't use deodorant on the incoming flight from Nashville and I'm in t-shirt and shorts. When we leave in the morning, I'll be wearing a t-shirt, jeans, fleece hoodie and a Detroit Lions jacket so thick and padded that if I fall over, I'll just roll back up again like a weeble. When we get to darkest Michigan, I may break out the big guns, a Leeds Rhino's beanie hat.

As you can tell, I'm not too happy about having to wear this sort of clothing.

Just as well we return in a week.


Katherine said...

What a WONDERFUL portrait Ian! Love it! I laughed so hard I spat at the screen. And I don't do that very often.
Have a lovely week.
And, many thanks :o)

ps the word verification word is 'rectomal'

Jennyta said...

"Now for those who do not know where Michigan is, and for non Americans too"
You'll get slaughtered for that! ;)Safe journey.

Daphne said...

I've never seen you with that expression before - hilarious! I was going to pick out the great one-liner that Jenny picked out - but she got there first. So I'll just point out that here in Leeds it's raining. We long for any kind of weather that isn't rain.

Punctuation said...

Welcome to the American Winter - I'm almost back to "partly frozen" again after getting out of the apartment at 6.30am to warm up the car. Winter here in Nebraska is stupidly cold.

I had to laugh this morning at everyone's pictures of snow from the UK. I really enjoyed the snow there last year and went on long walks in the park in it. So beautiful.

If I tried that here they'd find my frozen corpse about an hour later... Brrrrr.

rhymeswithplague said...

You'd better have more than a flimsy tee shirt. You'll need long-sleeved flannel shirts, heavy corduroy trousers, fur-lined gloves, and a thermal union suit complete with a button-flap seat. Oh, and a pair of snowshoes (tennis rackets will do nicely.) Only then do you dare venture into our northern climes in December.

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Why have you included a mugshot of some guy from the UK Sex Offenders Register? Very unsettling. I hope no small children get to see this blogpost or they'll start to believe there really is a bogeyman! Scare-eee!

Ruth said...

If you're going to be 'knee deep in a full snow covered winter wonderland' may I suggest you add some appropriate footwear to your ensemble - thermal socks? padded ski boots? wellies? plastic bags over your trainers at least?
PS LOVE the photo

Jay said...

Oh, very fetching! And baby blue, too. LOL!

Weebles! I remember those!

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