Monday, August 03, 2009

Where's Jacko ???

I went for a walk in the countryside today and to get in touch with my feminine side (which is my left side, if you're interested), I was listening to Top 100 Pop Love Songs on my mp3.

Hey don't you DARE judge me. You don't KNOW me !!!

Anyway, when I'll Be There by The Jackson 5 came on, I suddenly thought about MJ and how we've not heard a thing about him since the whole media frenzy surrounding his death took place.

I mean where is he ? Oh I'm not asking about his soul, his aura or his spirit. Not even his collection of toys just in case the kiddies came a callin'.

No, I mean his body. Has he been buried yet and if so, was it a full graveyard job or a cremation or what ? Maybe the family are holding off until they are satisfied with the cause of death and what led up to it. Given how much his body was decomposing when he was alive, I dread to think what it must be like now, gold coffin or no gold coffin.

He had a life long fascination with death and specifically how to avoid it for as long as possible. Perhaps wanting his body to be preserved in the afterlife, maybe he has been mummified in full ancient Egyptian tradition, although this does present one tiny problem. The Egyptians removed the internal organs of the recently deceased by pulling them out through the nose.

I think you know where I'm going with this !

If indeed Jacko has been mummified, I expect that particular external organ will be popping up on eBay before the year is out as I doubt it would've survived the process. S&H shouldn't cost much.

Reports in early July said he was being buried without his brain but then these reports came from the British tabloid press and most of those reading those rags are as brainless as MJ anyway. No clue there then.

I guess we'll be told eventually and until then at least the speculation has died down. Maybe then he'll be allowed to rest in peace, a peace he was rarely given when he was alive. Yes he mostly courted publicity and few artists have manipulated it as well as he did. Just as the jury is out on his personal life, it's also out on whether this manipulation served him or helped bring him down in his later years.

One thing is for sure. Nothing in his life or death has been black or white.

Just a little bit of both.


Daphne said...

"Nothing in his life or death has been black or white. Just a little bit of both." Glorious.

CLS said...

Please understand that I have very little sympathy for the "Over priviledged" so with 'tongue in cheek' - - Wacko Jacko - they are still trying to figure out what to do with him - cremation - nope too much toxic air pollution; burial - nope - contamination of the soil and ground water - - - - perhaps the next Space Shuttle...

rhymeswithplague said...

This sounds positively callous, I suppose, but I don't care where Michael Jackson's body is. I just wish the television stories about him would stop.

Debby said...

popping up on ebay? Groan!

I doubt he'll be able to rest in peace any more than Elvis was. He has family and I feel sorry for them.

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