Saturday, August 08, 2009

The Internet Can Damage Your Health

I went to the docs yesterday as I have had a pain in my left forearm for a month now, since returning from Tenby in fact. I'd not usually go to see a doc with such a trivial 'afflication' but even if it was something minor, I felt 4 weeks was long enough to put up with it and he might give me something for it.

I never thought he'd suggest amputation !!!

And he didn't......but he might as well have as he advised spending a lot less time on the internet to let the inflamed muscle in my forearm settle down.

Less time on the internet !!! Was he MAD ? What next ? No tv ? Stop breathing ? They're all the same to me.

He gave me a 15 day prescription for cocodamol so that's another 8 pills to take a day on top of the 7 I take already as part of my 'heart package' so if I wasn't rattling before, I will be now. I dare not leave the house or I'll have to take a briefcase with me for my medication. I'll be like those people I've seen in WalMart who walk around with a drip - and I don't mean their partner !

So I guess I shouldn't even be typing this blog. Sorry doc. I'll cut down, honest. Just not cold turkey, eh ?

And before Robert makes any comments about why it's my left arm that aches, I'd better say that I'm left handed.

I suspect I've only made things worse !


Daphne said...

I think you have invented a whole new variant of Tennis Elbow: "Surfer's Arm" which I'm sure counts as a heroic sporting injury.

Jennyta said...

What a lovely bathroom you have, Ian. So you're a left hander too - it is, of course, a sign of being of above average intelligence - but I expect you knew that already. :)

jay said...

Hahaha! I know the feeling! I too rattle with my daily intake of pills, and can't leave home without a large suitcase. LOL!

Sorry to hear you have tendonitis. I'm not going to suggest you stay off the computer, but it would be worth taking a look at the way you use it. We use those little tables on wheels or a laptop table/rest/thingy. It puts them at a better angle for typing. ;)

Debby said...

Sure it's the internet you're abusing?

Yorkshire Pudding said...
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Yorkshire Pudding said...

A practical suggestion for you Ian - get a gel rest for your wrist so that when using the mouse you put less strain on your wrist and lower arm muscles. You can buy these things in places like PC World. Many typists with RSS complaints swear by them.

Silverback said...

YP....thanks for the advice but I use the laptop (on a laptray) from my armchair and so my arms have nothing to rest on as I type and use the mousepad. So there would be nowhere to use any sort of gel rest.

No I'll just have to ease off for a while and let nature do the 'healing' OR move to using the laptop on a table.

Milo said...

I've sometimes had what you might call RSI type symptoms - sore wrists and fingers and twitching nerves. The very small keyboard of the netbook doesn't help.

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