Friday, September 07, 2007

Glad To Be Back

I scooted down to Nottingham yesterday to pick up lappy after getting the call that it was ready. Actually the call wasn't a good one as when they'd replaced a part to fix a colour problem, it went from being a temporary problem to a permanent problem and I was told it now needed a new motherboard.........that'll be £390 please. thanks.

So I went to get it and discovered they don't know much about laptop TLC as I worked my magic and voila.........I managed to get the problem to become temporary again and I can live with it now.

The overheating issue has been fixed so until the motherboard finally dies, I'm good to go.

Ok so after 10 days without t'internet (I don't count visits to the library and using a friend's Mac as being on t'internet) I was getting pretty desperate. They should have patches for people like me. Yes I've no idea what they'd put in them - it's only an idea at this stage but I feel it has potential.

I did get a lot more fresh air while being 'out of the loop' as daytime TV pretty much sucks and staring at the empty laptop tray on top of the coffee table was making me even more miserable.

Untelevised sporting events finished and I'd no idea who had won.

TV shows passed me by as my online guide was 200 miles away and without it's timely alerts, I missed House last Wednesday. I was despondent.

Videos were uploaded to YouTube and I knew nothing about them.

eBay deals were being done without my pathetic bids going in.

Worst of all, this blog was growing cobwebs and losing readers faster than a Richard & Judy recommended novel.

I tried to use boring Teletext but to get that I had to access the terrestrial stations via the roof aerial and the quality was awful and so the text would break up and be unreadable. I tried the interactive features of Virgin Media Television but that took so long to load the pages that I may as well have used Pony Express or read tea leaves.

No, if these 10 days proved anything to me, it was that I am now totally dependant on t'internet.

The results of the Outer Mongolian Goat Herding Championships ? Internet.

Did Rita say YES to Norris in the episode I missed as I was watching the US Open Tennis and lost track of time ? Internet.

The pain in my head.........hangover or brain tumor ? Internet.

Had my portfolio gone down the drain after yet another stock market crash ? Internet.

Who WAS that masked man ? Internet.

But those dark days of ignorance are over now and a new glorious age of enlightenment is upon me.

I intend to embrace it. Sod patches. I've got the real thing again !!


Jennyta said...

Rita said a very definite no! I know just how you feel about the internet. I take my laptop on holiday with me and we try to only stay where they have wifi. Sad really. :)

Silverback said...

Not sad at all, Jennyta. No different than taking an unfinished paperback with you. In this case a 'book' I doubt I'll EVER finish.....or lose interest in.


Daphne said...

In this house t'internet only has to go down for about thirty seconds and Emily and I are emitting pathetic howls of "Stephen - - Gareth - - help!" (This isn't just because they're blokes, it's because they both work in computing). I once stayed at a hotel in Northumberland where the owner, when asked where I could check my emails, just kept repeating "Oh no, you don't want to be doing that on holiday" until I clubbed her to death with my laptop.

Jennyta said...

And quite right too, Daphne! ;)

Silverback said...

Sounds like a Fawlty Towers moment, Daphne.

Do NOT come between us and our emails, Sybil !! Sybil !!


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