Saturday, September 29, 2007

Disclaimer Day

I've never written a disclaimer post before - mostly as I've never felt the need to before.

A few hours ago, someone visited my blog site by entering "Arbuthnot Day" into a Google search. Back in February I had created a post and in the process, had wanted to use a ridiculously unlikely fictional name to flower the story up a bit. I picked Arbuthnot Day.

Having gone to the Google site to see what came up, I noticed that there were two reasons why that name would be put into a search engine. First if you wanted to get info about someone actually called Arbuthnot Day and second, if someone called Arbuthnot had a 'Day' named after him. I now realise both of these exist !!

For a select band of bike riders, the 17th of September 2006 was "Arbuthnot Day" and as the web site states, it............ a day when we ride in memory of Sir RK Arbuthnot. He was the only serving Royal Navy Admiral to ride in the Isle of Man TT races in 1908. He rode a Triumph solo motorcycle in that pioneering event.

Well who'd have thunk it ???? And why just 2006 ? Isn't he remembered on other years ?
He really should have his Day every year as I'll get most hits that way !!

When we move on to people who were actually CALLED Arbuthnot Day, we again find the name comes up mostly in relation to military men. Maybe with a name like that, you had to know how to fight ! One such individual was Stewart Arbuthnot Day who probably spent a lot of his time telling people he was simply signing his initials and not giving a MySpace-like indication of his mood at the time.

I'm sure Melville Arbuthnot Day had a similar problem, but I'd better not let this idea go too far.

So I'm back to my disclaimer and I'm just getting it in now before any nasty legal email or comment comes my way. All names used in my posts (apart from those of friends and relatives who really shouldn't sue me) are fictitious - yes even that of Sammy Murphy in the previous post. In doing so, I do not ever mean to offend anyone living or dead or in any state in between.
Any named Manchester United fan falls outside of the scope of this disclaimer. They are fair game in my book.

There, I think that covers everyone. Feel free to read on....................

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Daphne said...

Arbuthnot Day sounds convincing as a real name, that's why it turned out to be one. Most made-up names don't, they have that Manchesterford feel to them.

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