Sunday, May 06, 2012

Getting Ready For Summer

Well I've been home in England a week now (arrived last Sunday morning) and the first week back is always a bit stressful with lots to do.

Most of the items on my 'to do' list related to starting everything up again after they were in hibernation for the last 6 months : turning on the gas supply, getting car insurance and road tax, getting my cable services (tv and internet) back to normal, arranging car breakdown cover, renewing house insurance and so on.

I also wanted to get my eyes tested, the car serviced and tested and go for my dental checkup.

On the plus side, I wanted a new phone and a new flat screen tv.

I can proudly report that all of those items have been ticked off my 'to do' list except for the new tv, as I've no idea which model to get and I'm not going to rush into such a vital purchase without a LOT of surfing and review reading.

As my 24 month phone contract was up, I was able to replace my HTC Desire with a HTC One X and so far I'm loving it. I'm mostly loving being able to install as many apps as I like due to the vastly increased storage capacity of the One over the Desire. I'm like a kid in a candy store right now and basically what I want, I can have. Woohoooo.

In relation to the car, when it gets tested annually, the dealership notes down the mileage. Last year it was 10001 and this year it was 10682. Yes that's right. In a year I drove 681 miles. Ok it's really in 6 months but even so, the cost of motoring has severely curtailed my day trips and exploration of my home country. I'm planning on doing more this year and to hell with the cost. How unlike me !

I had my eyes tested on Friday and it was no surprise when the results showed I needed new glasses. I was just happy my eyes were ok as I do have pigment dispersion syndrome so get a free annual test on the good old NHS. Health wise they were fine and hopefully the new glasses will help me with my photo editing as I was beginning to think all my photos were blurred !

Finally everything went pretty well with the dentist. I do need to go back this Wednesday as a filling needs a bit of remedial work but all in all, my choppers were in good nick and amazingly still attached to my gums.

So it's been a busy but successful week and now I can relax and enjoy Spring in England. Ha !

That brings me to the downside of returning here after being in Florida. The weather. If only we had decent weather here, just decent, I'd never want to leave. It's rained for over half the time I've been back and the temperatures.....oh my. The central heating has been going 24/7 for the whole week and when I was in the city on Friday, I was frozen. Forget t-shirt and shorts; this weather requires t-shirt, fleece AND jacket and triple denim jeans.

I've gone from needing a hat to save my bald scalp from the blistering sun to needing a hat to stop what little heat is in my body from escaping skywards.

But I'm home and can start planning for a good summer. Armchair sporting highlights will be the European Championships (footy) in June and the Olympics in July & August. Soon we'll start planning our 2012 European Vacation which is always fun and as I said earlier, I want to explore around the UK too.

Good times ahead. I've much to be thankful for.


Lisa said...

Sounds awesome, except for the weather. It must be difficult going from Sunny Florida to the UK, but I bet you find some nice places to go around there.

rhymeswithplague said...

By "renewing house insurance" did you mean it was time for the annual renewal or did you mean you had cancelled it for six months when you went to Florida and now you were starting it up again?

If the latter, was that a wise decision? I mean, the house was still there even if you weren't, and fire or theft or lightning strike or a hailstorm or any number of damages could have occurred in your absence. And if any of them had [occurred], you would have had to pay for repairs yourself, sans insurance.

Tell me that isn't what you meant. Please.

Silverback said...

That isn't what I meant.

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