Sunday, April 29, 2012

Cold, Wet & Windy. Yes I'm Home !

I've been home about 8 hours now and as I was last in bed over 30 hours ago, I'm not too sure why I'm still awake.

Of course the state one is in after 30 hours awake can hardly be classed as.....awake. Right now I would confess to any crime if pressed. A while ago I was standing in the kitchen with no idea why I'd gone there. Six hours ago I fixed a large mug of tea and it's still beside me, untouched. I 'watched' two back to back footy games and couldn't tell you the scores to save my life. Not too sure who played.

Yes I'm in the transatlantic twilight zone. But I WILL be going to bed soon. After I fix something to eat. Something simple. Something I remember how to cook. If I can find the operating manual, toast seems favourite.

I'm also cold. It's taken those 8 hrs to get the house up to 64.5F. I've an electric blanket warming my bed though so once I actually get up the stairs and into bed, I'll be golden. Today, as with most days in April here it seems, has been cold, wet and windy. The weather in Buttonwood Bay is already a distant memory. Fading as fast as my tan.

Anyway this was just a post to report that I'm back home, safe and sound after a pretty awful but uneventful flight. I just need to sleep, get used to long pants and not try and use the car until after I tax it on Tuesday, being as that's the start of the month.

Anything else I type now will be ramble. Waffle. Possibly jibberish. I know, more jibberish.

That is all.


Jennyta said...

Sleep well! :)

rhymeswithplague said...

A nice photo of the Transatlantic Brit bird with tail feathers dragging would be a great post.

Jay at The Depp Effect said...

Welcome home! It's a pretty horrible spring you've come home to, isn't it? But at least the flowers are out and there's no snow!

But my goodness! Couldn't you find someone to warm your house for you before you arrived? Seems cruel to fly home from Florida and arrive tired and jetlagged to no heating!

I feel for you. I remember jetlag. One day I hope to experience it again - but only because it will mean I've BEEN somewhere!

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