Friday, April 29, 2011

The Royal Wedding

I'll apologise up front as that title was just to help me get a few new readers who go googling for royal wedding info today and arrive here by mistake.


Welllllll, one has to take what one can from the Royals these days as they took so much from us over the centuries. Oh my, where did THAT come from ??

Ok enough with the controversy. Seeing as I got up around 9am (EST) and 'missed' the whole shebang and haven't seen so much as a still photo of it, I'm in no position to inform anyone how it all went.

No wait I lie. I have seen two photos. The first was of Posh & Becks arriving at an Abbey National on Kensington High Street as Posh was doing the navigating and you know how she is.

"But I put in "Abbey" on the GPS, golden balls........I don't understand it."

I thought HER hat was eccentric enough, perched as it was at a gravity defying angle on the front of her head but OMG then I saw a photo of the very famous, intelligent, beautiful socialite, Tara Plunker Tomkinson and gravity just got redefined. What was holding that thing onto her head ? Blu-tac ? Superglue ? Sweat ? All of them ?

As you may have guessed already that I wasn't AT the event, then it will come as no surprise that this is one of those rare occasions where I've unashamedly nicked a photo from another site. Sorry. Of the 3 people in the shot, I think PC Plod's hat is the most sensible but then I'm a bloke and what do I know about fashion ? A bit like Tara in fact.

In my day, a hat was worn on the head. ON the head. If these two fashionistas (ha !) are anything to go by, hats are now worn at 90 degrees to your forehead. At least you get to see your own hat this way as it must pretty much be in your eyeline the whole time. Just need to watch out for low door frames.

Anyway like I said, I'm over in t'colonies for a few more days so as I didn't fancy getting up at 6am, they had to get on with it without me watching. I'm not sure I'd have watched it even if I'd been home but I have found myself bristling at anti British comments on various sites to do with the wedding and the run up to it. It's one thing for me to have a pop but not Johnny Foreigner.

No, No, No. I lose my sense of humour very quickly when I read ill informed comments and ones that are just plain anti British for the sake of it. However I'm not going to turn this blog post into a justification for the wedding and everything that surrounded it because for one thing, if you are anti something, a blog post is unlikely to change your mind.

Johnny Foreigner and even we Brits are all entitled to our opinions.....even if they are wrong !

I'll leave it at that.

So with THAT event out of the way, the much more exciting one can take centre stage.....on launch pad 39A to be precise. Yes the penultimate shuttle launch takes place this afternoon at 3.47pm (EST) and with the countdown clock showing under 4 hrs to go and with the astronauts suiting up, it's all looking good. The forecast storm front has passed over and helped water our lawn and the only slight issue might be excessive wind.

So if you spot any of the astronauts opening their helmet visors pre launch, that'll be the reason !!

Hopefully the current clouds will dissolve with the afternoon heat and I can nip out onto the driveway and watch the launch. It'll be my last chance so I'll endeavour to see it. Har har.

I doubt that the royal newlyweds will be watching it though and that's fair enough. They'll be too busy looking frantically for receipts for the monogrammed toasters, place mats with their faces on them and the autographed photo of Elton John and baby Zackary to bother with events on this side of the pond.

Meanwhile outside an Abbey National in Kensington.............

"I don't think they're coming, sweetheart. Did we get the date wrong ?"

"Donno dollface. When you said 'booking' I thought you meant during a Galaxy game."

"Oh David, you make me laugh. I love your clever wit."

"And I love you, babe. Try the GPS again. There might be another Abbey near here."

"Oh you ARE clever, GB. Look, here's one with a zebra crossing. That rings a bell..........."

UPDATE 1 : Oh well the launch has been scrubbed for today (APU heater problem) and so I'm glad we didn't go over to see it from the coast. Guess now I'll have time to look for a video of that other event.

UPDATE 2 : I didn't include a photo of Posh as I like to give people the chance to go find one themselves. But just for you, Bob (and I wasn't offended by your blog as I haven't read it) .........


rhymeswithplague said...

Somehow the photo of Posh's hat didn't make it into your post, or there's something dreadfully wrong with my computer.

I hope the post on my blog wasn't one that made you bristle. I am definitely NOT anti-British in any way, shape, or form, but I simply could not resist the urge to have a little fun (yes, okay, at the royal family's expense). It was aimed more at the fuss and to-do than at you, old chap. If I offended, I apologize and repent in sackcloth and ashes for my American cheekiness.

Some of my best friends are, or at least were, Brits.

Daphne said...

How DID she walk at ALL in those shoes?
I think the subtext of all such clothes is "I'm so rich, I don't NEED to walk!"

Putz said...

oh wasn't that wedding just to die for<>><<>what wedding you say????akela my friend in british govertment{that is his code name, like you are silverback, wrote to tell me that he wants more of govertment in his hads<>><>what could i say????

Richard Speight said...

Abbey National? I know that your joke wouldn't work otherwise but they've been called Santander for a couple of years now!
As to the hats, I think Tara Palmer-Tompkinson went for a design that would look just the same when she was, inevitably, pissed!

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