Monday, April 04, 2011

Money Makes The Drum Go Around

Even in paradise one has to come down to earth now and then and yesterday was laundry day for yours truly.

That's me by the way.

Well a lot of nice readers from numerous countries read this blog and 'yours truly' may not be a familiar term to them. I'm happy to help.

So yesterday afternoon, as we were expecting some friends from Michigan to arrive at 8pm to stay for a couple of nights and I was giving them my bedroom, I needed to wash the bedding and took the opportunity to throw in a few items of clothing at the same time. As you do.

Now it has to be stated at this point that I'm usually very good at ensuring that all pockets are empty and there are no coins, paper clips or sharp objects in my turnups ( I know shorts don't HAVE turnups but go with the story, ok. It's my blog so my rules......)

On went the water, in went the detergent, down went the lid and all went well with the wash. When finished, I removed all the clothing and moved it to the dryer which, as is usually the case, was next to the washer. Brill.

I then went out to sit on the front patio as stated in my previous post and, with glasses removed, was blissfully unaware of any sights and sounds for the next 45 mins.

I went back inside and checked the dryer and it had stopped its cycle so I opened the door and made a start removing the clothes to hang up the polo shirts before they wrinkled. The first shirt out brought a few other items with it and then onto the floor fell a dollar bill. It was neatly folded, with colours slightly less vibrant than usual and feeling rather warm to the touch.

Having no idea where this financial manna from heaven had come from and determining not to let this sudden and much appreciated windfall change my life, I pulled out more clothes and would you Adam & Eve it......another neatly folded hot dollar landed on the floor.

This really was in danger of becoming a life changing experience but sadly, the remaining clothes and bedding offered up no more fiscal bounty. My 'winning' streak was at an end at $2.

Being a careful soul at all times, I was pretty positive that there was no money already in the washer and dryer before I started using them. I always remember my mother's sage advice when starting to do the weekly wash....."son, always check for dollars BEFORE you start the wash and if you find any, they're mine."

I never fully understood this advice as we didn't have dollars in Norn Iron but sage advice is sage advice and should never be ignored no matter how illogical it seems.

So now I have the great washed dollar mystery. Where did this money come from ? I'd only washed the bedding, a few polo shirts with no pockets and a pair of shorts with pockets actually turned inside out to be absolutely sure they were empty.

Maybe the notes had come from the detergent bottle as a bizarre promotion ? I think I'd have spotted them though. Maybe they'd been stuck to the top of the dryer drum from a previous cycle ? Much more likely.

In any case I'm keep it quiet. Finders keepers and possession is 9/10ths and all that good selfish stuff.

But I'm keeping it quiet mainly because (and I KNOW you knew this was coming but it's been a slow day so far for blog post fodder), I don't want to be accused of money laundering.

Oh shut your faces.


Jay said...

Hahahahahahahaha! Believe it or not, I didn't see that one coming! I nearly spat tea all over my poor mistreated keyboard. Oh well .. it'd have gone nicely with all the biscuit crumbs between the keys.

But ... don't you think you should make an effort to find whose money it is? For all you know it could have been their last two dollars! And then, you know, you'd be responsible for (I can't believe I'm saying this) cleaning them out!

rhymeswithplague said...

I didn't see it coming either!

But if someone is leaving money in your bed, doesn't that make you a....

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