Sunday, April 24, 2011

Hello Stranger

I noticed a new flag to me in my visitors list yesterday and had to investigate.

It turned out that the visitor from the 122nd country to visit my blog came from Benin.

Who said they go there regularly for the weekend ? Liars !

Wedged between Togo and Nigeria with a small Atlantic Ocean shoreline, Benin used to be the Kingdom of Dahomey - ahhh I sense a lot of mental lightbulbs going on now along with phrases like "well NOW I know where you're talking about."

More Liars !

Hang on......the Kingdom of Dahomey. Isn't that South Central LA ?

Anyway, if you read this little post, thank you the little visitor from that little African republic.

Much appreciated and come back soon y'all.


rhymeswithplague said...

You made me laugh today with "the Kingdom of Dahomey" being in South Central L.A. -- but will your friends back in Royal Wedding Land understand?

Silverback said...

My faithful readers are a smart bunch, Bob. Yes ok and that includes you too ;-)

Daphne said...

No, I didn't understand it, sadly. What's Royal Wedding Land?

rhymeswithplague said...

Let me take a crack at it. Royal Wedding Land is that place and/or state of mind in which the pre-nuptial, nuptial, and post-nuptial activities of strikingly handsome and jaw-droppingly beautiful unelected yet apparently necessary future ceremonial leaders take precedence over all other events, occupying the minds of the populace to the exclusion of all other subjects and pushing all other stories off the television channels and front pages of newspapers to the point of making the aforementioned populace appear ridiculous in the eyes of the rest of the world, except for you, Daphne.

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