Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tunnel Vision

Exactly a week ago we were sitting at a restaurant table waiting for our meals to be delivered and looking out over one of the most spectacular views possible from an eating establishment.

And we weren't even in Italy.

We had passed into the ministate of San Marino that, with a population of only 30,000, ranks just above Monaco and the Vatican City in terms of smallest states in Europe.

But more of that another day.

When we returned down from the city of San Marino to the lower town of Borgo Maggiore via the cable car, we were about to head for the car park when we passed the entrance to a tunnel. We decided to explore further and this tunnel led to another one and we eventually came out at a not-very-exciting dual carriageway and so we just turned round and walked back.

The tunnels themselves weren't all that exciting either but when I took a flash photo inside the first one, the effect was quite unexpected. Where little colour was visible to the naked eye, the image captured by the camera showed a vivid orange glow that gave the dull tunnel an almost beautiful appearance.

Sometime the camera shows images hidden to our eyes.....or in this case, is it just a false image created BY the camera and flash ?


Briggate Morris said...

Its a great picture. I love Italy. I'm getting very jealous reading about your holiday!

Daphne said...

Those unexpected things that we found really added to the delight of the holiday for me. Great photo!

Yorkshire Pudding said...

This tunnel was there all the time but you noticed it and realised its surprising beauty.

Debby said...

Freakin awesome.

rhymeswithplague said...

Positively unearthly. Are you sure your little group weren't kidnapped by aliens and whisked off to Italy-on-the-Moons-of-Alpha-Centauri?

Pictures never lie.

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