Thursday, September 24, 2009

Lost In Translation - 2

When travelling abroad, I always love seeing signs that the locals have tried to translate into different languages for the benefit of tourists - usually tourists from the UK, Germany and France I have to say. I guess those languages cover most of the tourists from Europe and, well, America which as we all know, is the rest of the world.

Only joking, people !!

Visitors from places like China and Japan ? Well you can just look at the pretty images and work things out for yourselves.

I'm usually pretty good with signs but try this one out. Look at the images before enlarging the photo to read the descriptions underneath them. See how many you get right. Yes they've all got to do with things you might want to do on a beach but I suspect at least one might have you puzzled.

I'm not sure what those wacky, speedo, thong wearing Italians expect when it comes to beach 'services' but sadly we didn't see any massages being offered where we were. I suppose that meant the sign was working.

The word spoilsport comes to mind.

And just to prove that they've used the same online translation webpage to help with these things, here is another example from another resort but this time they've added a national flag just so we read the correct translation !

I was a rebel and read the French one.

Now if you're the type of person who found most of those images hard to work out without reading the text, then the design on this t-shirt is for you. It's in the 'leave little to the imagination' category and is about as subtle as a tailgating Italian driver on a narrow road.

Now before you have a pop at me for posting smut and porn, the rough translation is "love means supporting each other" which I think makes the image funny rather than offensive.


I decided not to buy it though but that was more because it didn't apply to me.

Despite those boxers (see previous post) !!

Of course when I put the Italian into my online translation website, it made a bit of a pigs ear of it. It was fine with massages but even though there is a slight connection, it didn't cope well with supporting dangly bits.

Arrivederci i miei lettori fedeli


jay said...

"It is forbidden to make massages"

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! What, even if you don't charge for them? LOL!

Those translations are hilarious. But the tee shirt is even hilariouser - and I think you should have bought one!

Milo said...

Hahaha, liking that 2nd picture, hilarious!

Daphne said...

I don't think I've seen one of those "Love is - - " slogans in Britain since about 1980 - - or am I wrong?
Ciao from one of your lettori fedeli.

Milo said...

I mean the last picture!

Yorkshire Pudding said...

It is "forbidden to make massages" so straight to the copulation then you Italian bathing beauties!

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