Saturday, September 26, 2009

I'm Doing My Bit

Being born in 1952, I can't exactly call myself a war baby and I've no memory at all of any of the momentous events that happened during the first couple of years of my life.

Everest was scaled for the first time, the first hydrogen bomb was detonated, the structure of DNA was discovered, Stalin died, JFK married Jackie Bouvier and Queen Liz came to the throne.

I was always puzzled by that last one as in our house, we called the toilet 'the throne' and so I wondered why Liz going for a pee or a poop on June 2nd 1953 was so historically important. I just assumed it was a slow news day but maybe she produced a massive floater.

I've seen The Madness of King George so I know those things are important within royal circles.

But I digress.

Important as all these things were, a slightly less important event took place on this day in 1953 but one that I do my best to celebrate and commemorate every year.

On September 26th 1953, sugar rationing was abolished. Now for the first 15 months of my existence, I may not have been all that bothered that I wasn't getting my fair share of sugar in my diet but it obviously had a major impact on the rest of my life. I now realise that when people peered into my pram and said "ohhh he's so sweet" that they were simply lying. My sweetness was being severely restricted by law and I feel that my current Victor Meldrew attitude to life all started during those formative years when I was probably allowed a lick of a stick of rock every 2nd Sunday of the month.

If only that Hitler fella had realised how much we Brits loved our chocolate, he'd never have invaded Poland. That's a fact you'll never see in a war documentary.

Basically I've been making up for those sweet rationed months ever since and as usual, on the anniversary of rationing being lifted, I'm sitting here with several mini muffins and a large glass of coke.

With the power of t'internet I can now share my personal celebrations with you all and in doing so, help to raise awareness so maybe it'll become a National Holiday some day.

So raise a glass (of non diet pop) and have a nibble on your curly wurly to recall that momentous day 56 years ago when we, as a nation, became a whole lot sweeter.

I'm doing my bit...and then some.


Maddie Graeme said...

Sugar and spice and all things nice :) I'll drink to that.

maddie xx

Daphne said...

Of course, I can't really help with today's important celebrations as I'm diabetic. But I'm generously prepared to suggest that others should help celebrate with my share of the sugar.

Debby said...

Two Wallaby Darned's and a few cookies. I could put cinnamon sugar on my popcorn...I do adore that.

Jennyta said...
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Jennyta said...

Being a couple of years older than you, Ian, (all-right four)I dimly remember my mother having coupons for something or other when we went shopping. The first sweets I remember being given were Dolly Mixtures.

jay said...

"If only that Hitler fella had realised how much we Brits loved our chocolate, he'd never have invaded Poland. That's a fact you'll never see in a war documentary."

Ahahaha! That sounded like Flanders and Swann. One of my favourite quotes of theirs is 'If God had meant us to fly, He'd never have given us the railways'. LOL!

I blame sugar rationing, and the subsequent lifting thereof, for my lifelong battle against the bulge. My mother stuffed us all with sweet things as often as she could just to make up for the previous deficit - which (I might add) I was too young to have experienced AT ALL!!


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