Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Born Free.

When we were over on the West Coast of Florida recently, we stayed one night at a motel that didn't offer a breakfast. Yes I know.  We had roughed it !

So early that morning we went to a local McDonalds for coffee and a spot of breakfast but as we pulled in to park, we spotted that we weren't the only ones who were after some fast food.

This fella, or fellette, was just standing in front of the main door, staring at the premises. Amused customers would go past and he, or she, never moved.  Even the staff came to the door to have a look so we assumed this wasn't a usual event even for them.

We finally decided he, or she, was fascinated by the image of the giraffe on the "Madagascar 2" poster on the door. Maybe it was the similar long neck or maybe he, or she, had already seen Madagascar and was deciding if the sequal would be worth watching.

Of course it also brought up comments about where McD's sources its food from but those were tasteless comments !

After taking a few more photos, we too walked past the bird and into the restaurant. By the time we'd ordered and found our seats, he, or she, had gone.

I think if we'd looked closely and noticed the push bike was also gone, we'd REALLY have freaked out !


Katherine said...

I Think now would be a very good time to present my first and inaugural LVD Award.
So, without further ado, Ladies and Gentlemen,
I hereby present you, Ian Silverback Something, with the LAST VISIBLE DOG AWARD for zaniness. You may post the award on your blog if you wish. It will be over at my place.

Silverback said...

One is, of course, honoured to have received an award and to have won the inaugural one is one that is very pleasing for one to have won.


I'll be on the next Quantas flight to pick it up from your place.

One will.

Val said...

haha what a great story! came here from Katherine's - glad i did :-)

Daphne said...

I think the bird is suffering from giraffe envy. It wishes its neck were longer. Hence its wistful expression.

Katherine said...

We are delighted to have bestowed it.

And it's Air New Zealand, you pleb, you. Never never never confuse New Zealand with Australia!! :-)

rhymeswithplague said...

Was that a crane or a heron? I can never keep them straight.

Silverback said...

Pleb here......of course I KNEW that Quantas is the Australian national airline but I'd still use it to get to NZ. Wherever that is. ;-)

And I'd never confuse the two countries, Katherine. One is full of convicts and the other is full of hobbits, elves and dwarves. God bless Hollywood.

Debby said...

Hmmmm McDonalds...tastless....sounds redundant to me!

Love the piccy though.

Anonymous said...


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