Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Don't Rain On My Parade

This time next week I'll be throwing a few items into a suitcase and 7 hours later the generous Daphne will be arriving to take me to Leeds/Bradfort airport.  Well she will if she manages to wake up in time but I'm not worried.  Not much anyway.  

I'll have the local taxi number handy just in case.

It was on 25th September last year that I first met Daphne.  It was a day I will never forget. But that aside, it was also the day I first met Daphne !

She'd commented on my blog about a year earlier and then me on hers and, well you know how it goes. It now seems like I've known her all my life - oh dear God but it does seem so - and what a wonderful friend she has become.

Ok enough head swelling words already.

So I'm off to Florida again a week tomorrow and I can't wait.  Sea, sand and sunshine for 6 months.

(loud sounds of tyres screeching and brake pads smoking)

But hang on a minute.  Back up there buddy.  Sunshine ?  Well sure, it's the sunshine state after all.  It's on their licence plates and everything.

Well I've just looked at the 10 day weather forecast for Sebring and on the day I arrive it shows scattered thunder storms and a 60% chance of rain.  Never mind eh.  That's a sort of frebee day as I'll be travelling from Miami and then very tired so who cares if it rains ?  Fair enough.

Next day, Friday, how does it look ?  Whoa, hang on, there is a pattern developing here.  Not to mention a spot of deja vu.  Scattered t-storms and a 60% chance of rain AGAIN.  WTF ?

Actually it's fine.  It's ok, it really is.  This is just October in Florida.  Rains a lot.  I know that from previous trips.  And after all, I've been acclimatising myself for it over the past 6 months. I'm ready for rain.  We've had a bit of it here this summer after all.  

What we've not had much of is heat.  Heat is what I'm not been used to since I left Florida last March.  It's been sadly missing here this summer.

On those two first days in Sebring the temperature will be 88F (31C).  

Ahhhh now that I can take.  Bring it on.

I'll try not to mention the weather too many times over the next 6 months.
I'll try not to post too many photos of palm trees and white sandy beaches.
I'l try not to write about lying on top of the bed at night as it's so warm.
I'll try not to mention ice cream melting before you can get it to the car.
I'll try not to post about swimming in the pool on Christmas Day.

I'm not promising anything.  But I'll try.


Daphne said...

And what about all those away messages on Yahoo that say "Gone to the pool"? - - Oh, look, don't even bother trying not to mention sunshine, palm trees, beaches and heat. We've got to have something to grumble about here in the British rain and snow and fog. And thank you for the kind comments: I'm delighted that you came round for a cuppa that day a year ago. And I'll be there on time next week to take you to the airport, oh yes - - I'm not putting up with you moaning about the British weather all winter!

Debby said...

I'm warming it up for you.

Jay said...

I'm only mildly envious. But that's because I'm reminding myself of the bits of Florida I don't much like... mosquitoes and humidity and alligators and tourists and stuff.

Oh yeah. Not envious at all really.

Not much.


rhymeswithplague said...

We lived in Boca Raton for seven years when I was employed by IBM. Swimming in the ocean on New Year's Day, 85 degrees Fahrenheit, oleander in bloom everywhere -- it seemed almost like a fairy tale to hear of Buffalo, New York, having 10 below zero and six feet of snow.

The real fairy tale was moving there in the first place from Poughkeepsie, New York!

Happy winter!

lisa said...

No... you have to post photos and talk about that stuff. You'll be in FLORIDA! :)

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