Sunday, February 10, 2008

You Wait for Years For A Grandkid.........................

...................and then two come along together.

Well almost. Mason Richard was born an hour or so ago and joins his cousin, Cole, as Dennis and Debby's 2nd grandson.

His dad (Brian) is still up on the ceiling somewhere within the hospital and his mom (Tara) is busy being sewn up again (C-Section) so we have few facts apart from both mom and baby are doing just ticketty boo and at 9 lbs 1oz, Mason will be starting kindergarten next week !!

More to follow when we know it.

Update 1 : a few hours have passed and we've just had more news. Either we misheard the initial report about his weight or he's eating steak and chips already as he's 9lbs 10ozs.

He was also 21in which once again is something that gets reported here in the US.

Hopefully a photo will be 'internetted' soon.

Update 2 : they got to hold Mason briefly last night (didn't tell us till this afternoon (Tuesday)).
He had a slight case of jaundice and so will be kept in the hospital for several more days.

Update 3 : (Wed evening) Mason is out of the incubator and may be allowed home tomorrow when Tara is allowed home too. Brian has been with them since the birth so if any photos were taken, he's not had pc access to share them yet. Never fear, I'll be there from 3pm tomorrow so photos WILL be coming.


Daphne said...

Few facts, maybe, but the essential ones, definitely. Many congratulations to the Proud Grandparents.

Anonymous said...

I'm waiting for the baby pics?

Silverback said...

So are we, Jen.

In fact mom and dad are STILL waiting to hold the baby for the first time and it's been over 30 hrs now.

Mason had fluid in his lungs which is common after a C-Section and has been tubed and wired and in an incubator since birth.

Dad has been at the hospital all the time so even if pics have been taken, it'll be a few days before we get to see them. I'll be there on Thursday so mine may be the first on here anyway.

Daphne said...

Oh yes, I remember that - fluid in the lungs from a C-section - Emily had it a bit, and was in an incubator for a while, so I know it's common. But it won't feel right to them until they can hold him, so I hope that'll be soon. I couldn't even SEE Emily until the afternoon after she was born in the middle of the night, because the consultant had to give permission for me to go down to Special Care, and he wasn't around. Grrrrr! I hope they've been more enlightened with regard to young Mason and his parents.

Jennyta said...

Congratulations, Ian, to all concerned. Keith's new grandson, born a month ago is also called Mason - it seems to be becoming a popular name.

Anonymous said...

Well it's 4:45pm - we are STILL waiting?????? Patiently too!!!

Daphne said...

Still waiting. Sighhhhhhhhh. Typing this from Tenby in South Wales - still glorious in the winter - on a laptop powered by Welsh coal and hope, mostly. I'll look again tomorrow.

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