Thursday, February 21, 2008

Mooning In Buttonwood Bay

A lunar eclipse isn't much to write home about but that isn't going to stop me writing home about the one tonight !

And here it is as best as I could manage with a 200mm lens.

I know. Not very impressive is it ?

In fact it could just be a cloud passing over a normal boring old full moon.

Just 12 hours earlier, I'd experienced a much more impressive event. The twin sonic booms caused by the shuttle Atlantis as it flew over northern Florida on it's way to landing on runway 33 at the KSC.

We were sitting having breakfast when we heard what sounded like a giant landing both feet on our roof and the house shook briefly. I admit I'd forgotten about the landing and wasn't sure what the noise had been until a friend popped in a few minutes later on an unrelated errand and calmly asked if we'd heard/felt the shuttle sonic booms ?

Well yeah !

Anyway it was somehow appropriate to end the same day with this view of a lunar eclipse as both events were kinda space related.

One Man made and the other God made. I'd not want to offend the Great Man (or woman) but on today's experience, I'd have to say Man won hands down but God is still way ahead overall.

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Daphne said...

I've seen two lunar eclipses and that total eclipse of the sun a few years back. The lunar eclipses were spectacular. For the total eclipse of the sun I was in France and it just got a bit dim, so wasn't too exciting really.
I know the sound of the Shuttle's sonic booms would really do it for me. It's hard to say which would be the more exciting: on this occasion I can't really choose between Man and God. So you did well to encounter both on the same day.

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