Friday, February 15, 2008

Mason Richard Braman

We're not in sunny Buttonwood Bay anymore, Toto !!!

We're about 978 miles further north and about 50F colder in white and freezing Lansing, Michigan and as promised, here are some photos of Mason, Deb & Den's 2nd grandkid.

After flying from Orlando to Detroit and then driving to Lansing, we arrived at Sparrow Hospital just before 8pm and went with mom Tara and dad Brian to the maternity ICU where Mason is still being kept.

It was feeding time and he's not feeding that well yet and so they may keep him in another day.

Brian and Tara were leaving the hospital about 10pm though and will be having their first night back home since the birth on Sunday.

This is a photo of a proud grandma holding her precious Mason who, it has to be said, wasn't all that overwhelmed by her flying up from sunny Florida just to see him.

I'm sure he'll be told all about this self sacrifice later in his life !!

The rules in the ICU were very strict and only parents and grandparents were allowed in for visits. Yes I'm now a grandparent !! My mom would be so proud. Very confused, but proud !

I just kept my mouth shut and did what I was told. (I was only following orders, m'lud). Only 3 people are allowed in at once so while I waited outside, Tara, Brian and Debby went in to see the little tyke.

After about 40 minutes, Brian came out and I took his place.

I had to wash my hands up to my elbows for 3 minutes and really clean my finger nails before I could start taking photos.

As I wasn't planning on holding Mason, I wasn't sure what that was all about but again, I did as I was told. My hands and arms germ free, I started clicking away and then absent mindedly picked my nose and wasn't sterile anymore !! D'oh.

Mason was feeding from a bottle but he wasn't all that keen. He just wanted to sleep and I knew how he felt. I'd hardly slept last night myself and after a fairly long day of travelling, I was ready to join him.

Debby went back out and Brian returned and I was able to get a quick photo of the new family.
It was quite cramped in the ICU as babies were all over the place and with all the incubators and cots and general hospital types things taking up space around us, I didn't get many really good photos but there will be time for those once Mason gets home.

So finally here is a photo of Tara, Brian and Mason, the latest addition to the Braman family.

Hopefully he'll be allowed to go home tomorrow but for tonight at least, Tara and Brian can sleep in their own bed in their own home and make the most of the peace and quiet.

Something tells me they're be at the ICU door first thing in the morning and who can blame them !!


Anonymous said...

He's GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tell the parents/grandparents CONGRATS from me!!!! You too - but Ian - you should HOLD Mason - there is nothing sweeter in the whole world then holding a newborn baby. Nothing!! Would be good for you.

Rosanna said...

Congratulations One and ALL on the new little Big man.. I second that Ian you should hold that little one, there is nothing like it in this world!!

Daphne said...

Lovely photos as usual, Ian, and congratulations to all the family.

Silverback said...

Thanks all.

The baby holding issue was just in the ICU. I fully plan to hold Mason as and when we get to see him at his home today and with mommy's permission of course.

Got to hold Cole today so I'm on a roll with these things.

Anonymous said...

Awwww I love babies - they smell so good too!!! Mason is a popular name -- but I always think of Perry. Don't know why - well I guess I do??? I read it is one of the most popular names.

Jennyta said...

He is gorgeous, Ian. So where does he get his looks from then?

Anonymous said...

Maybe its time for a girl baby???

Silverback said...

Jenny....his grandma tells me to say he gets his looks from her !
Who am I to argue ? rush to try for more (a girl). As for holding him, I've done that a lot these 2 days.

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