Thursday, January 03, 2008

This Isn't What I Signed Up For.

Depending on when you read this post, the temperature panel over on the right side of my blog site may amaze you or, if a couple of days have passed, simply puzzle you as to why I'm writing this post in the first place.

The forecast cold snap arrived overnight with a vengeance and I needed an electric blanket on my bed. We awoke to a living room where the temp was 49F (9C) and although we've known it was coming for over a week now, it was still a shock. Deb just opened the fridge door to help warm up the room !! We're passing Pixie around as she's the nearest to a hot water bottle we have here. I'm on my 7th cup of coffee as the mug warms my hands. My feet are resting on ice cubes to warm them up. I'm surfing porn sites so my laptop will heat up too.

Yes we have a furnace but when we bought the place just over a year ago, the previous owners told us they'd not used it for years and it would have to be serviced before we used it. A furnace ? In Florida ? Nah.....we'll save a few $$$'s too by never using it !!

Damn our penny pinching ways.

I realise this is wimpy talk as the rest of the northern hemisphere countries, including even 99% of America, have had MUCH lower temps for some time. Jeez these temps would seem positively balmy for the folks in N. Dakota, Maine and numerous other states close to the Canadian border.

But come on. We're in south central Florida for goodness sake. The area is full of orange groves just outside the park. Probably not anymore. Oranges and frost don't go together. They were spraying water on them to try and ward it off.

I'd have to think it should be a good day to get free roadside chilled orange drinks though !

I'm off to fire up the bbq and climb up inside it. Can someone turn me over after 20 minutes ???


Rosanna said...

HA HA That's what you get for bragging about that hard life down there by the pool.. right now it's 7 here and feels like -1 with the wind chill!!! but I am sure it feels the same to you right now since you are acclimated to those warm temps.


Daphne said...

At the moment on the Leeds panel on your blog it says FOG. Now then, of all the places in the world I might be, I have chosen to be in Leeds just to make sure that your blog is accurate.
At the moment I can't see if there's any fog because of the blizzard blocking my view, sorry.

Silverback said...

The pool Rosanna ? The pool ? The pool is covered with ice shantys right now as the snowbirds are rediscovering long forgotten skills.

And the panel has updated to show 'light snow' in Leeds now,Daphne.
Blizzard indeed. You women and your exaggerations..except where it matters !!

HiRize said...

Well you could always go sit in the truck...surely it has heat? (smirk)

Sorry. I've got a friend on the coast and she's just having her furnace checked by a tanned guy in a parka with the hood pulled up. I guess we'll allow you to be wimpy.

Silverback said...

We did consider that option, Norma.
Den came home from work at 7:40am after a 40 minute drive. Now normally the truck would've been warm and toasty by then but he drives with the a/c set to 60F - ok for once that was a lot warmer than in here this morning but not worth going outside and climbing in for a few precious minutes.

God, how sad ARE we ????

Anonymous said...

Ian-I think you and Debby need to buy a coat for poor Miss Pixie!
Your weather predicament sounds much like Mi in the summer. It's one of the only places that one can need the a/c and heat in the same day!


debby said...

49 degrees in the house wasn't bad...I do want to tell you that a toilet seat in a 49 degree bathroom is quite an experience!!!

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